Sharing WWI Letters

#Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

On Sundays, I often blog in response to Randy Seaver’s Genealogy Saturday Night Fun challenge. Since Randy’s wife recently broke her hip, he has been spending a lot of time with her and her needs. Thus, this week’s challenge was slightly different.


Whatever genealogy fun you want to do – please spend an hour and do it!  Then tell us about it in your own blog post, and leave a comment here which I will add to the Comments after moderation.

In thinking about uncompleted projects, I decided to share the letters my grandmother received from her twin brother, Paul Mentzer, during World War I. Since I had already scanned the letters, I thought all I had to do to share them was upload them to his profile on FamilySearch.

Unfortunately, this simple project wasn’t quite that simple. Even though the scanned images had unique file names, FamilySearch viewed some of them as duplicates. This prevented me from being able to upload all of the images of the letters.

To get around this setback, I created word documents from the images for each letter and saved those documents as PDF files. This allowed me to upload the PDF files as documents.

Thanks to Randy’s challenge the following letters are no longer buried in my files but shared on Paul Mentzer‘s profile on FamilySearch along with the profile of his twin sister, Pauline Mentzer (Mrs. Briles).

  • September 1917
  • November 1917 (postcard)
  • December 1917
  • April 1918
  • August 1918
  • October 1918
  • November 1918
  • January 1919
  • January 1919 (postcard)

One thought on “Sharing WWI Letters

  1. Linda Stufflebean

    What fun that you have WWI letters preserved in your family. Do any of them mention the flu pandemic? Those would be interesting, given the current pandemic.

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