Friday Finds

Do you have newspaper clippings in your files? Not only do I have clippings saved by my grandmothers, but I also have images of newspapers articles from my early days of research. One of those photocopies is a list of many of my MENTZER relatives who attended the funeral of John Williams, husband of Clara Mentzer Williams.

Yates Center News
1 Aug 1957
page 5 col 3

Out-of-Town Relatives Here for Williams Rites

Out-of-town relatives attending funeral services of John W. Williams ere: Mrs. Everett Powner and Joyce, Paola, Kas.; Mrs. Walter Willis, Ottawa, Kas.; Mrs. Bill Foster and Tommie, Osawatomie, Kas.; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Williams, Burlington, Kas.; Mr. and Mrs. Arza Hammond, Burlington, Kas.; Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Williams, Westphalia, Kas.; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Griffin, Burlington, Kas.; Mrs. Pauline Briles, Emporia, Kas.; Mrs. Gladys Green, Emporia, Kas.; Mr. and Mrs. Hurbert Mentze,r LeRoy, Kas.; Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Mentzer, Neosho Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Chambers, Paola, Kas.; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mentzer, San Gabriel, Calif.; Rev. and Mrs. Wendell Tolle, Denver, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Williams, Toronto; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Macoubrie, Burlington; Mr. and Mrs. Norryce Mentzer, Wichita; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Osburn, Junction City, Kas.; C. H. Butler, Kansas City, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Smith, Kansas City, Kas.; Cpl. John Lynden Smith, Las Vegas, Nev.

I thankful I found and copied this article since it identifies many of the MENTZER family members along with giving their place of residence.