Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

It’s Saturday Night

Time for More Genealogy Fun

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music here) is to:

1) What genealogy fun have you had this past month?  What is your genealogy highlight of the past month.  It could be attending or watching a webinar or local genealogy society meeting,  it could be finding a new ancestor, or it could be reading a new genealogy book, or anything else that you have enjoyed.

Since I don’t keep a ‘calendar’ of what I accomplish each day, I’m not really certain what all I’ve done during the past month. While I post about my research, many of those posts are posted a week or more into the future versus on the day I did the research. Thus, my October blog posts may have actually been researched in September or earlier in the year.

Looking thru my October blog posts, I would have to say there are two ‘categories’ of highlights: records found in my files and county history finds.

Working thru the records I have collected for Hiram Currey of Peoria County, Illinois was definitely a highlight. Not only did I learn a lot about the time period and the Peoria community by transcribing those records, but I was also able to locate some of the documents referred to in the indexes.

And then there’s the information I’m finding in books for the SELLERS family. Interestingly, these county histories not only have information on the SELLERS surname, but they often contain mentions of CRAWFORD families. My current research project is for the family of James Sellers and Mary Crawford. While I would love to find information about Mary’s family, these county histories have mentioned two other CRAWFORD lines. While these lines may connect with the SELLERS family, they do not appear to connect with Mary Crawford’s family. These lines include

  • English Crawford of Knox County, Tennessee
  • James and Catherine Crawford of Rockbridge County, Virginia

Two of my posts this past week discuss my findings from one of these county histories.

Several upcoming posts also discuss my findings in various books for the Sellers family.

Another highlight for the month of October has nothing to do with research, but with DNA. I have tested both of my brothers and we are in our own ‘branch’: R-FT99108. Descendants of the other James Crawford lines with Garrard County, Kentucky roots are in the R-Y88686 branch.

While the paper trail suggests a close relationship between these Garrard County KY Crawford Lines, DNA suggests that our connection goes further back. Working on the theory that my 2nd great-grandfather’s imprisonment in Andersonville may have caused a mutation in the yDNA he passed to his son, I have located a descendant of my 3rd great grandparent thru a different son. He has agreed to do a yDNA test! This development on the DNA front trumps my research and thus is my highlight for October.

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  1. Linda Stufflebean

    I hope the DNA test reveals some good information. By the way – Peoria County is another place my husband’s ancestors also lived. More and more places in common, but no apparent family ties.

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