Saturday Tidbits

Courier Tribune
Thursday, January 4, 1940
page 5

Lester Auger Called to Service

Mrs. Tom Wherry received a letter from her son, Lester Auger, who is on the USS Mississippi off the western coast. Mr. Auger has had 30 years of service in the U S Navy and was retired for a time, when he was called back into active duty this last year. The USS Mississippi carries about 1,100 men and officers. The ship is 624 feet long and 106 feet wide. The guns fire steel shells weighing 2,100 pounds and 14 inches in diameter. Mr. Auger is in the supply department of the ship and is in charge of all the supplies carried on board. The ship has a modern drug store, where the men can buy tooth paste, shaving cream, soap, in fact, anything carried in a drug store or notion store, according to Mr. Auger. A stock of clothing and shoes is carried in one of the supply stores.