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One of the clippings in the BRILES materials I received from Mildred Barby was an article about her father, Lon Briles, reminiscing about playing baseball as a youth.

Adams News

Pro’s Cousin Recalls Players
By Mrs. Roy Calhoun
Lon Briles noticed the picture of his cousin, Nelson Briles, in a newspaper recently. Nelson has been the pitcher for the St. Louis Cards and was traded to the Pittsburg Pirates and is now in practice at Bradenton, Fla.
Reading and seeing Nelson’s picture in the news brought memories to Lon who used to play baseball with the players in and around the Adams Community and with his brother Earl Briles.
Some of the outstanding players of his days are now deceased, but he listed them as: Hooker — Roy Russell, D. Gill, Jess BIll, Bill Snell and Ed Grounds; Turpin – George Whitmer and Frank Elixson; Gray – Jim and Grant Couch; Adams — Clyde Miller, Vern Miller, Jacke Stebens, John Houston, Harvey George, Jim Taylor, Jeff Sapp, Earl Briles; Hardesty — Walter Hale, Earnest Boles; Liberal — O. J. Wilkins, Will, Loemings, Ed Watson , Elmer Vaugh and Howard Mann.
Those living are: Tyrone — Harry Riff, Ray Whitmer, Frank Winkerman; Hardesty — Marlin and Jay Hale, Charley Calvert; Adams — Fred Stebens and Emmet Tourner (now of Pampa, Tax.); Hooker — George Risen and Alex Hill.
Lon pitched and his brother Earl caught. They enjoyed many happy times together along with their many friends.
At the age of 86, Lon can still recall clearly how they wen to and from the games. Walking was common, but horseback, buggies and wagons along with bicycles were their main source.
Hew made the statement that he had made $7.50 pitching and his brother Earl $5 for catching a game at Mullinsville, Kan.
Times have changed the picture for ball players. They receive fabulous wages and many experiences.
Lon and his wife Elsie have celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary (March 7, 1971) and still enjoy their friends, but both are in poor health.

Thanks to Kenneth Marks’ list of Oklahoma Online Historical Newspapers, I was able to locate the article in the Guyman Daily Herald. This newspaper was digitized by the Guyman Public Library.

Guyman Daily Herald, April 10, 1971, page 10 –

Information about the baseball player, Nelson Briles can be found on Wikipedia. For more information, check out the References links at the bottom of the Wikipedia article.