Augusta County VA Court Records Vol 2

Do you ever do research in a county where you hope you ancestor resided? That’s what I’ve been doing with some books containing Augusta County, Virginia records. While some might wonder why I would spend time doing this, I have my reasons.

  • Formed in 1744, Augusta County was the ‘parent’ county to a large portion of western Virginia.
  • According to the 1850 census, my ancestor, James Crawford, was born in Virginia around 1772.
  • Alexander Crawford and his wife Mary McPheeters were killed in Augusta county in 1764.
  • Many Crawford descendants with Virginia roots can trace their ancestry back to Alexander or his brothers George and Patrick who also resided in Augusta County.

Thus, I’ve been reading Lyman Chalkley’s Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia. Thankfully, the digitized version of the book is available on the FamilySearch site. This allowed me to do a search for ‘CRAWFORD’ to quickly locate various Crawford entries. This volume contained quite a few marriage records which I shared in a previous post.

Below are my notes from the court and military records. My personal notes are in italics.

page 19


page 21

(74) Cap. Daniel McAnaire to be overseer of above road [not sure what road this refers to] with the following tithables: Samuel Wallis, Alexr. Crawford, john Elliott, Dvid Trimble, JohnHogshead, Alexr. Gardner, Sampson Archer, Alexr. Gibson, Robt. Davis, Thomas gardner, Walter trimle, John Sixby, David stuart, Ro. Renix, Francis Gardner, John Trimble, Thomas Beard, Ro. Gilkason, John Archer, James bell, James Mills, James Dyer, Charles Clendening, wm. Hogshead, Ro. Ralstone, John Moffet, Saml Lusk, James Phillips, Danl. Brealey, Mathew Edmonston, James Trimble, John Ferguson, Wm. Anderson, John Spears, John McKenney, Wm. Brady, Ro. Armstrong, James Miller

Page 29

June 19, 1747

(239) Robert Patterson and James Allen to view a road from John Pick-

ens’ Mill to Lower Meeting House, and Andrew Lewis and ro. Poage view

a road from said Mill to the Co. Ho.

page 30

August 19,, 1747

(248) John Pickens and Wm. Bell to be overseers of teh road (see p. 239

above) from Co. Ho. to Picken’s Mill, with these tithables: Wm. Lewis,

James Robertson, Thomas Gordon, Wm. Baskins, James Lasley, James

Wallis, Danl. Deniston., Daniel Deniston, Jr., William Bell, Jr., John Poge,

geo. Crawford

Page 41

august 28, 1750

(421)Benj. Skoot, John Knowles, Joel Hornback, John West, Thomas

Crawford, George Baffenbarger, John Christian Carlock, David Craig, John

Walker, Jr., George Say, George Say, Jr. Simon say, John cunninghandm,

wm. Cunningham, Henry Landcisco, John Colley, Burket Reager, Henry

arr, Daniel Richardson, Nathaniel Clearey, added to list of tithables

Page 46

June 11, 1751 – August 27, 1751

(176) This book begins august 1749, but there are no orders but those of suits and actions until August 27, 1751, when a new Court was organized under a commission from the Hon. Lewis burwell, President of Virginia, dated 11th June, 1751, directed to … John Anderson

page 48

Novembere 27 171

(206) Grand Jury Presentments: Elisha Job, swearing more than four oaths; Owen Crawford, for drinking health of king James and refusing to drink to King George

February 19, 1751/2

(241) Certificates for wolves’ heads a mountain to 50,600 lbs. tobacco certified

page 50

May 20, 1752

(249) Joseph Kenaday fined for abusing the Court

page 55

November 15, 1752

(361) Samuel Givins, robert Patrick, to view, and ro. Patrick, Wm. Hines, John Hawes, Joseph Bell, wm. Bell, Wm. Finla, Archd. stewart, Richd, Pilson, Wm. Johnston, Ro. Wilson, John Hind, geo. Skilleron, Hugh Ross, Andr. Baskin, John Givins, Saml. Henderson, John Ramsey, Alexr. Henderson, Saml. Henderson, Nathl. Woodroof, David Logan and George Douglass, clear and keep in repair, a road from James Givin’s Mill to the road over Wood’s New Gap at foot of mountain.

page 56

March 21, 1753

(415) Joseph Long and James Young, overseers, with Robert Young, Joseph Long, samuel Gibson, Solomon Whitley, John Collier, William Hall, Gilbert Crawford, George Gibson, John Ruckman, Thomas BUrton, Wm. Wadington, Wm. Brown, James Moore, John Hanna, James Huston, Wm. Todd, James Bats, James Todd, James Young, Patrick Young, John Carr and James Campbell — keep the road from Joseph Long’s Mill to James Young’s Mill, thence to the Great Road on James THompson’s Planation

page 60

November 23, 1753

(75) John Mathews to be oversserr of road from North Fork of James river, near John Mathew’s to Renix’s Rod, with these workers: … John Maxwell

page 62

March 23, 1754

(126) Road ordered from Campbell’s School House to Renix’s Road — Saml. Walker, overseer — with these workers: … John Maxwell

page 63

April 3, 1754

(186) Patrick Hair, convict servant of John Anderson, confvicted of stealing out of the courtyard, nigh the house of Wm. Murray, sundry goods, property of Rev. Robert McMordie

page 65

August 24, 1754

(288) Patrick Crawford vs Thomas story

James Randolph, a witness is about to leave the Colony. Ded. Potestm. de bene Esse

page 67

May 23, 1755

(439) Wm. Crawford — witness from Bedford

page 74

John Crawford vs William Sterrett – O.S. 34; N S. 12 — William came to Virginia from Pennsylvania, where he had resided. James Elliott removed to Kentucky. John Crawford had a brother, William. Bond signed by William Sterrett of Augusta County, dated 24th February, 1792. James Elliott, a citizen of Tennessee, deposes 16th August, 1803, in Augusta County. James left Virginia in fall or winter of 1798, for Kentucky.

page 97

Daniel Fall of Augusta vs. John Crawford – O.S. 72; N. S. 24 — Bill filed 18th June, 1805. Patrick Crawford of Augusta died testate, but intestate as to much of his estate. He left children and grandchildren, among them Margaret Crawford, wife of complainant and daughter of John Crawford who at Patrick’s death was infant and only child of Margaret Crawford, one of daughters of Patrick had married John Crawford and died before Patrick. Matty Anderson deposes that John Crawford married her sister, who died shortly after birth of her first child. Before death she wished her sister Betsey Robertson to take the child. Fall’s wife had an aunt (McFeeters).

page 101

Sitlington heirs vs. Sitlington’s widow — O.S. 79; N.S. 27 — Bill, 3d December 1805. Orators are viz: James Kelso, and Elizabeth his wife, John Young and Polly, his wife; Nathan Crawford and Jane, his wife; Jennet Sloan (Kean?), Andrew Beaty and Agness his wife; Edward McLaughlin and Jane his wife; of whom Elizabeth, Polly Jane Crawford, Jennet and Agness are the daughters and Jane Erwin is granddaughter of Sutlington, deceased. John was brother of whole blood of Andrew Sutlington, of Bath. Andrew died 1787 without issue, widow Elizabeth. He made a will, dated 1801, and this suit is to contest it on account of inability by age and infirmity, being 90 years old. Andrew had written to John in Ireland to come to Virginia. He married Elizabeth when aged. She was a Montgomery? Her brother (?) John was a preacher. Defendants are viz: Elizabeth Sutlington (widow of Andrew) Jacob Warwick, Andrew Sutlington Warwick, Andrew Sutlington (son of Robert Sutlington), John Montgomery, and Andrew Erwin. Jacob Warwick answers that oratrix, Jane McLaughlin, is niece of Andrew Sutlington, who is understood to have had a half-sister, Mrs. Sherman, living in Pennsylvania at his death. Andrew had married the mother of Jacob. Elizabeth answers that John Sutlington had a son, Robert, now living in Bath. James Erwin is brother of Jane McLaughlin. Andrew died 15th April, 1804. He was in his 85th year. John Sutlington came tot he country in 1774. Andrew and Elizabeth were married in 1779. Andrew Sitlington’s will dated 12th October, 1801. Proved in Bath County, June, 1804. Wife Elizabeth; legatee Gean Crawford, wife of Nathan Crawford, Legatee, Andrew Sitlington Crawford, son of Nathan. Legatee Gennet Sloan and her daughter, Polly Sloan. Legatee Polly Young, wife of John Young. Legatee Agness Beaty, wife of Andrew Beaty, Legatee Elizabeth Keso, wife of James Kelso. Legatee Elizabeth, Sitlington Kelso, daughter of Elizabeth Kelso, Legatee nephew, James Erwin. Legatee nephew, Andrew Erwin. Legatee niece Jean McGloughlin, wife of Edward, and her son, Andrew McGloughlin. Legatee Andrew Sitlington McDonald, son of Samuel. Legatee Elizabeth McDonald, daughter of John. Legatee Elizabeth McDonald, daughter of Samuel. Legatee Andrew Sitlington Warwick, son of Jacob. Legatee Andrew Sitlington, son of Robert. Letter by Andrew to John dated Greenbrier, 25th September, 1776, speaks of brother William (in Pennsylvania), and brother Thomas, of sister Elizabeth.

Nathan Crawford mentioned above is likely [2W64-JDF] on FamilySearch.

page 113

Crawford vs. Kenney — O.S. 115; N. S. 39 — Bill, 27th December, 1805. Orator, John Crawford. In 1751 Morris Offriel entered 200 acres in Augusta adjoining William Davis’s survey. Morris did not complete his title and another survey was made by Daniel Offriel, son and heir-at-law of Morris, on 100 acres of the tract, on which in 1785 James Bell also made an entry. Chesley and Jacob Kenney, brothers, are in possession. James Bell died and devised the land to his sons, John and Samuel Bell, who conveyed to C. Kinney, who conveyed to Jacob. William Bell, aged 68 years, deposes 16th June, 1808, he has lived 60 years and upwards adjoining the land, being two years old when his father settled where deponent lives. John Elliott, aged 60 years upwards, the lower road on the plat was built 20 or 25 years after the affiant knew the upper road laid down by said defendants, to have been in use. The last was the old road and had been long used before the other was cut or opened. Maj. Samuel Bell, aged 48 or 49, deposes 2d April, 1808; has lived all his life in the neighborhood of the land in controversy on the near Buffalo Gap; there was a beautiful piece of pine timber on it. Samuel’s father has been dead six or seven years and was about 70 years old. Samuel’s grandfather and defendant’s (Bell’s) grandfather were brothers. Francis Gardner, aged 46 years, deposes, 1808; he was born and lived (except 2 or 3 years of childhood) in the neighborhood; his father was Thomas Gardner, who owned lands adjoining. Thomas was killed by Indians when Francis was very young. Francis Bell, aged 38, deposes 23d January, 1808, that he has lived all his life near the land in controversy; son of James Bell, who has been dead more than 5 years. Robert Wallace deposes that he was well acquainted with Morris Offriel and Daniel Offriel. Daniel was cousin of

page 114

deponent. Agnes Offriel deposes, 14th November, 1808, that she is widow of Daniel. They lived within two miles of the land from the time they were married upwards of thirty years ago, till the death of her husband ten years ago. William Bell, Jr., deposes 12th March, 1808; son of James and brother to John and Samuel. William is now in 40th year.

page 126

Lessley vs. Lessley — O. S. 145; N. S. 50 — Bill, 29th September, 1804. Complainants are, viz: Rachel Crawford (wife of Alexander), Salley Henderson (wife of John), Polly Bell (wife of Robert), Agness Evans (wife of Morgan), only children, heirs and devisees of James Lesly, deceased of Augusta. James died in 1775 testate. The widow died a few weeks after James, leaving oratrixes infants. Two executors in 1779 sold the land to Robert Rogers, who afterwards moved to Tennessee, Blount County. Elizabeth McCune deposes 24th November, 1775, in Augusta, that her daughter, Mary Lessley, on her death bed, &c. Elizabeth was wife of Samuel McCune.

Rachel Lesley Crawford likely 2W3B-9BV on FamilySearch with Alexander Crawford LZN5-951 as spouse. Alexander is shown as son of William and Rachel (Sawyers) Crawford and thus grandson of Alexander Crawford.

page 143

John Anderson vs. Gilford and Anderson — O.S. 173; N.S . 61 – Bill, 1811. Orator had allowed his son, James Anderson, to occupy part of his plantation, and lent him a negro slave, which was attached upon execution from the Superior Court of law for Greenbrier. James Anderson came to Greenbrier to reside more than 20 years ago. Will of John Anderson of Greenbrier County. Wife, Elizabeth; daughter, Elizabeth, son, James; daughter, Peggy Reed; son James’s children, viz: Rebeckah, John, Wlizabeth, Willia, Washington, Davis, James, Nancy, Crawford and the child James’s wife is now pregnant with; son James wife Nancy (Agness); son-in-law William Ward; Rebecca Ward. Dated 16th January 1810. Never recorded (Objected to because testator is still living.)

page 160

George Crawford to George or John Dunn — 13,000 acres in Fayette County, W. Va. John Wehrle, Charleston, W. Va. John Bowyer interested.

page 161

Crawford vs. Hines — O.S. 199; N. S. 70 — Bill 104. In 1782 Rev. Edward Crawford of Washington County, entered 2418 acres on Little Guyandotte in Montgomery County, now Kenawha County. In January, 1783, he entered 252 acres adjoining. James Hines, under direction of Thomas Tease, deputy surveyor of Montgomery, made the survey for 2,670 acres adjoining Fry’s military survey at mouth of Little Guyandotte in 1785. In 1781 Jno (James) Madison entered 1,000 acres about 15 miles above mouth of Big Guyandotte about 21 miles away, which Madison assigned to Hines, and Hines made another survey for orator, Rev. Edward Crawford, without orator’s knowledge on 18 Mile Creek, which falls into the Ohio about three miles above Little Guyandotte, and a grant was issued to orator. Hines assigned the 2,670 acres to Thos. Hannan. Copy of entry by Rev. Edward Crawford for 252 acres dated 28th January, 1783. Copy of entry for Rev. Edward Crawford for 2,418 1/2 acres, dated 11th April, 1782. Plats and surveys. Orator had a son, Saml. L. Crawford. Thos. Tease deposes in Campbell County, Virginia, 19th April, 1813. John Vanbiber, aged 79, deposes in Mason County, Virginia, 12th April 1813. Has been acquainted with Little Guyandotte since 1875 or 1786. John Allen deposes in Mason County, 12th April 1813. He lived at Point Pleasant 26 years. Entry 17th September, 1782, by John Madison of Monongalia County, 1,000 acres on Ohio River. Entry 12th November, 1781, by Rev. M. James Madison, 1,000 acres. Jacob Persinger deposes in Botetourt, 22d April, 1813, he went with Cap. Arbuckle to keep garrison at Fort Randolph, which is now Point Pleasant. In 1776, in September, Thomas Toys, James Mooney, and deponent went down the Ohio to kill some buffaloe for the garrison.

page 203

Thomas McCarthy vs. Massinbrid — O.S. 270; N. S. 95 — Bill 1811. In 1798, Thomas McCarty, Sr., father of orator, bought of George Massinbird adjoining tracts on little Levels in Bath adjoining Chas. Kinneston, William Hughes, Jno McNeile, Wm. Poage, Jacob Kinneson, Lazurus Bartley, Jno McNeil, James Laird, 1,010 acres. James Crawford of Augusta claimed 270 acres. Thomas, Sr., conveyed to Thomas, Jr.,  500 acres who sold 111 acres to Edmund McGinnis. The remainder of the 1,1010 acres Thomas, Sr., and Jr., sold to Wm. Poage, estimated at 899 acres. Since 25th March, 1799, Thomas, Sr., has died, leaving orator sole heir and distributee. Suite was brought in District Court by heirs of James Crawford and judgment rendered for them for 270 acres. Deputy Surveyor Thos. Arbuckle surveyed 322 acres instead of 270 acres. 970 acres conveyed by Massinbird to Thomas, Sr. , was patented to Wm. and George, Clendennin, assignee of Nathaniel Day, Jr.; Joseph Day and John Ellis, 11th November, 1784, by certificate of settlement right by survey 14th November, 1782. James Crawford’s representatives are, viz: Widow, Mary Crawford and children, viz: Sarah, James, William, John, Polly. Answer.

page 204

27th June, 1815, of Polly and Elizabeth Crawford, infants. Certificates of survey of the land in 1769 for THos. Rafferty. James Crawford, father of Polly and Elizabeth, was eldest son and heir of George Crawford, who died intestate, as to said land. Answer claims that John Robinson & Co., patentees of 100,000, were the Greenbrier Company. William Poage was nephew of William Poage. Deed, 5th October, 1797, by Thos. McCarthy Sr., to Thos. McCarthy, Jr., 500 acres on Little Levels in Greenbrier. Recorded in Bath County, October, 1797. Col. Andrew Anderson deposes 29th October, 1818, in Stuanton at the tavern of Dabney Cosby, he married eldest daughter of George Crawford of Augusta. She died 1      2th August, 1786. George died between 1780 and 1784. James ws eldest son of George. Deponent knew Samuel Lewis who moved from Augusta to Greenbrier, and he was called Colonel and was son of Gen. Andrew Lewis. Archd. Stuart deposes, giving a list of the names o the members of the Greenbrier Company (Which was John Robinson & Co.) in the handwriting of Edmund Pendleton: John Robinson, Sr.; Thomas Nelson, Jr.; John Robinson, jr.; Wm. Beverley, Robert Lewis, Beverley Robinson, Henry Weatherburne, John Lewis, John Craig, Wm. Lewis, John Wilson, Charles Lewis. Deed, 14th May 1796, by George Massingbird of Bath to Thos. McCarty of Hardy County, 970 acres on Little Levels of Bath adjoining Wm. Poage, Jacob and Charles  Kynoston, Lazarus Bartley, John McNeil and James Laird. Patent, 1783, to James Crawford for 270 acres by survey 26th April, 1769, part of order of Council to Greenbrier County for 100,000 acres, which order was confirmed by decree of Court of Appeals, 2d May, 1783, in Greenbrier County. Original letter 11th January, 1795, by James Crawford to George Messingbird in Greenbrier. Deed, 9th June 1798, by George Massinbird to Thomas MaCarthy, both of Bath County, 970 acres. Recorded. Deed, 1st June, 1790, by William and George Clendennin of Kanawa County to George Massingbird of Greenbrier, 970  acres by survey, 1782, on Little Levels, &c. Recorded in Greenbrier, 27th July, 1790. George Clendennin’s heirs are, viz: Widow Jemima Clendennin; children, vix: Mary Cantril, wife of John Cantril; Cynthia, wife of _____ Lamb; Parthenia, wife of Andrew Bryant. Copy of Court of Appeals, 2d May, 1783, confirming surveys under Loyal and Greenbrier Companies by orders of Council. Patent, 1783, to James Crawford, 270 acres in Greenbrier. Patent, 11th November, 1804, to William and George Clendennin by certificate in right of settlement (assignees of Nathaniel Day, Jr., Joseph Day and John Ellis), 970 acres by survey, 1782.

Likely Captain James Crawford [LQR8-7GN], son of George Crawford [LZJF-47B] and grandson of William Crawford [LVQ4-928]  making James a nephew of Alexander Crawford

page 210

Coleman’s heirs vs. Penn’s heirs – O.S. —; N.S. 98 – Bill, 30th March 1812, by William, Robert H. Reuben and Lindsey Coleman, heirs and devisees of Geo. Coleman. On 4th May, 1782, Gabriel Penn conveyed to George Coleman 562 acres in Amherst. Gabriel died testate, in Amherst leaving children, viz: James and Edmund Penn; Elizabeth wife of William Long; Late Elizabeth Callaway, widow of James Callaway; Sophia, wife of William S. Crawford; Pamelia, wife of Thomas Haskins; Matilda, wife of Abner Nash; Fannie, wife of William White; Nancy, widow of John McCredie, deceased, late widow of Alexander Brydie; Sarah wife of Thomas Crews; Catherine wife of _____ Holder. Elizabeth Braxton recovered dower in said lands as widow of Carter Braxton, to whom they were patented. Colemans seek to recover from Penns. will of Gabriel Penn of Amherst Son, James, lands by military land warrant, surveyed to Gabriel’s deceased brother, William Penn; daughters, Betsey Callaway, Sophia Crawford, Permelia Haskins, Matilda Nash Fanny White, Nancy Penn (infant] son Edmund (infant); daughters, Sally and Catharine Penn (infants); wife, Sarah; sons-in-law, William Crawford and James Callaway. Dated 21st November 1794. Recorded in Amherst, 16th July 1798.

page 221

Poage vs. Abney — O.S. 300; N. S. 106 – Plat and survey by W. Crawford of 9,000 acres under proclamation dated at Williamsborough, 19th February, 1754, and subsequent order of Council, 15th December, 1769, for Peter Hogg in forks of Ohio and Great Kanawha. Cor. Adam Stevens, John Polston.

page 224

Jno. Crawford vs. Wm. Bell – O.S. 304; N. S. 108 — Involves land devised by David Bell in 1779 in Augusta. Answer by John and David Bell in Fayette County, Ky., sons of David.

page 236

Trotter vs. Crawford — O.S. 319; N.S. 114 — Bill, 2d July, 1813. Patent 22d July, 1799, to Jesse Blan (Blain), 109 acres in Greenbrier on head of Second Creek adjoining Christopher Hand, formerly Pettyjohn. Patent to Jessy Blann, 1st April, 1793, 220 acres in Greenbrier on Second Creek near Peter Kinder and Motiston Pettyjohn. 1811, assigned to John Caroll. 1811, assigned to George Crawford. 1811, assigned to John Trotter.

page 245

Bourland vs. Dean — O.S. 342; N.S. 124 — Bill, August, 1812, by William Bourland and wife Mary, William Crawford and Margaret, John Kincaid and Alice, James Kincaid and Elizabeth, James Anderson and Nancy, James Venable and Sarah, Andrew McClung and Jean. The females are daughters of John Dean, deceased, of Bath, who died 1810 or 1811 at age of nearly 90, testate. Suit against Wm. McC. Deane, the only other child to set aside the will, and certain deeds. Will of John Dean. Wife, Agness; son, William; daughter Elizabeth, Elzse, Sarah, Jane; daughter, Margaret Crawford; daughter Molly Borland; daughter, Nancy. Dated 7th AUgust, 1790. Recorded in Bath, March, 1811. Deed, 10th April, 1807, by John Dean to William Dean, 1,660 acres on Jackson’s River joining Andrew Bourland. Recorded in Bath, April, 1807. Deed, 9th April, 1806, by same to same, 1,661 acres on Mill Run and other branches of Jackson’s River. Recorded in Bath, April, 1806. William Ward deposes in Bath, 17th July, 1813, knew JOhn Dean from time Wm. was a small boy. John was sheriff of Bath, 1794. Wm. has lived in Kentucky. 22d January, 1814, Anthony (Anton) Courtner deposes, in Lewisburg, at house and tavern of James and Hugh McLaughlin. 22d January, 1814, Catherine Courtner deposes knew John 16 years before his death, living his neighbor. John McClenachan deposes, John Dean died 20th November last, 3 years ago. 26th February, 1814, Capt. Wm. Byrd deposes, in Botetourt, at house of Jno. Allen, Sr., was born, raised and lived within two miles of John Dean. 3d November, 1821, John Byrd deposes, James Blackburn left the County before death of Jno. Dean. James Venable left 10-12 years ago. 3d November, 1821, Alexr. McClenachan deposes, Lewis Myers left the County in 1803. Thos. Barker left the County in 1803-4. Jas. Blackburn left the County in

page 246

1802 or 3. 3d November, 1821, Andrew Bourland deposes, William Bourland is his brother. Wm. moved to Kentucky. 26th October, 1822, Wm. Bourland deposes, at house of Benj. Vance in Woodford County, Ky. 20th May, 1813, W. H. Cavendish deposes, he knew Jno. Dean more than 40 years. 20th May, 1813, Alexr. McClintic deposes, he know Jno Dean more than 30 years. 20th May, 1813, Henrietta Taylor deposes, she knew Jno Dean more than 20 years. 20th May, 1813, John Byrd deposes, he knew Jno. Dean 45 years. 20th May, 1813, Jeremiah Burns, deposes, he was a preacher.

page 250

McClure vs. Crawford — O.S. 363; N.S. 131 — Bill, April, 1813, by John McClure and Walker Stuart and Mary, his wife, late Mary McClure, only son and daughter of Malcom McClure, who, 2d May, in 1791, died testate, in Rockbridge, leaving widow Elizabeth, who after five years married Alexander Crawford. Sarah Loggan, daughter of Alexander Crawford deposes; Betsy Logan, daughter of Alexander Crawford, deposes.

Mary McClure is possibly 9KPM-JKH

page 259

Crawford vs. Crawford – O.S. 385; N. S. 141 – Bill, 1821, by Wm Bell and Margaret Crawford, executors of James Crawford, who died in Augusta, testate. Will dated, 1798, leaving six children, four sons and two daughters — and one daughter was born after his death. His son George died unmarried and infant. William died unmarried. Sarah married Charles McClung, Elizabeth married Samuel McClung; Polly, the posthumous daughter, married John Allen, Sarah and Polly are both dead. In January, 1819, John Crawford, married oratrix Margaret, who is daughter of William Bell, orator. John’s mother, Mary, lived a time with her daughter Elizabeth in Greenbrier. John died 24th February, testate, but will has not been proved.

Margaret Bell likely 2ZYG-ZJK, wife of John Crawford 28MK-ST2. If so, John Crawford is son of Captain James Crawford LQR8-7GN, whose wife was Mary. This makes John Crawford a grandson of George Crawford LZJF-47B and Elizabeth Poage LZGF-N5C.

page 264

Record Books in Circuit Court Office

Book Marked “Records.”

page 266

Book Marked “Records from September, 1789, to April, 1793,” District Court

page 270

Book Marked “Record Book 1834.”

page 51 — Will of John Singleton, of the Cowpasture, Bath County. Son-in-Law, James Kelso. Only surviving son, Robert singleton; daughter Jane Crawford; daughter, Jennet Slown; daughter, Elizabeth Kelso; daughter, Mary Young; daughter, Ann Baty. Dated 12th September, 1792. Recorded in Bath, January 1798

could not find this family on FamilySearch

page 271 Book Marked “Records”

page 274

Marriage Licenses, Marriage Bonds, and Marriages

Augusta County

page 276 (likely list of people purchasing license)

1762 … October 30, David Doage, James Crawford

page 376

Land Entry Book NO. 1, Augusta Records

page 379

1748, May 10th — George Gardner, 400 acres on Dry Branch, near lands of Alex. Crawford and THos. Gardner

page 384

Guardians’ Bonds, Augusta County

18th November, 1783 — William Crawford, ditto (guardian) for Thomas Sayers, ditto (orphan) of Jas. Sawyers

page 386

15th January, 1793 — James Crawford ditto (guardian) of Jno Crawford, orphan of Jno. Crawford

— _____ 1797 — Rob. Crawford, guardian of Peggy Rankin, orphan of Thos. Rankin

page 387

— —— 1797 – Wm. Crawford, ditto (guardian) of Martha Rankin, ditto (orphan) of Thos. Rankin

20th February —— — Geo. Crawford, ditto (guardian) of Polly, Margt, Samuel Stuart, ditto (orphan) of John Stuart

24th February, 1800 — Wm. Bell, guardian of George, orphan of James Crawford

page 388

26th January, 1801 — Robt Crawford, guardian of Sam. Crawford, orphan of George Crawford

26th January, 1801 – Robt Crawford, guardian of James Crawford, orphan of George Crawford

26th January, 1801 — Wm. Crawford, guardian of William Crawford, orphan of George Crawford

page 388

Administrators’ Bonds

page 395

Fee Books of Augusta Court

Name or nickname and designation of residence, or occupation

page 406


page 407

page 102 James Crawford, Borden’s Land

1772 page 73 James Crawford, Borden’s Land

page 410


page 57 Wm. Crawford, North Mountain

page 411


page 141 John Crawford, North Mountain

page 413



Thos. Crawford, not found

page 416

1755 List of Robert Breckinridge, Sheriff

Gilbert Crawford

page 419

1766 – Mr. Gilbert’s list

Martin Crawford, not found, one

1766 – Supernumeraries

James Crawford, 1

1767 – Col. Preston’s List

James Crawford, Peter Cutright, runaway

page 423

Delinquents and Supernumeraries, 1782; List of James Davis

page 424

Patt Crawford, not found

page 427

Insolvents and Delinquents, 1799

Wm Crawford (S. R.) to French Broad

page 429


Tithables 1781 William McPheeter’s List

John Crawford

page 430

Tithables, 1781; Alexander Robertson’s List

Patrick Crawford and sons George and John

James and George Crawford

Tithables, 1783 – in Capt. Given’s and Campbell’s COmapnies

James and George Crawford

page 431

1784 in Capt. Givens and Rankin’s Companies

Pat Crawford and son George

page 432

Augusta Parish Vestry Book

page 440

page 147 – 1755: Samuel Givens processioned as follows, vka: For Patt: Crawford, present … John Finley and Alex. Crawford processed as follows, viz … for Alex. Crawford

NOTE: This entry likely contains neighbors of Alex. Crawford

page 442

page 162 .. Alexander Crawford and John Finley, in Captain Thomas Armstrong’s Company

page 16 John Finley and Wm. Thompson in Captain Alexander Thompson’s Company .. George Crawford … between bounds of Companies of Captains Alex. Thompson, Israel Christian, Abram Smith, Rob. Scott, Ludwick Francisco, from thence to Swift Run Gap

page 444

page 179 – 1756: Processioned in Capt. Israel Christian’s Company by John Henderson and Wm. Baskins … for Widow Crawford

page 449 (probably 1764)

page 378 — David Cunningham and Samuel Downey, from Burden’s line to Jenning’s Gap between Keneday’s Road and the North Mountain. … Geo. Crawford

page 451

page 385 – 1765: Processioned by Collier and McCampbell … for Margery Crawford

page 452

page 409 – For John Smith … for John Crawford, where he now lives;

page 458

page 449 — 1767-68: Processioned for James Simpson and John Mitchell: Wm. Crawford

page 462

pae 267 – 1759

page 269. — Alex. Crawford, Michael Hogshead, in Capt. George Moffett’s Company

page 270. James Allen, Sr. and Pat. Crawford, in Capt. James Alexander’s Company

page 465

Revolutionary Declarations

page 466

Samuel McCune, Sr’s., Declaration: … drafted as militiaman in August, 1776, at Stauton under Captain Thomas Smith and Lieut. Charles Baskins … Was again drafted in August, 1781; rendevouzed at Teass under Capt. Francis Long and Lieut. John Crawford

page 471

John Bell’s Declaration, 22d December 1834; Mentions Maj. John Crawford

William Armstrong’s Declaration, 26th October, 1832 … drafted for three months in March, 1778 or 1779

page 472

was under the command of Capt. James Bell, Lieut. John Wackub, Ensign Alex. Crawford;  …

page 481

Military Services

page 488

Thomas Coppedge’s Declaration, April 15th, 1832 .. in regiment of Col. Crawford

page 503

Notes of Military Services in Frederick County, Virginia

COurt Martial Records, 1755-1761

page 506

Declarations, Services and Heirs of Soldiers

page 507

1820-1822, Minute Book, page 1, John Hefferlyn, Thomas Crawford

The Preston Papers

Copies of Musters of Augusta County

page 510

From State Historical Society of Wisconsin

1757, February … John Crawford, Jr., at Craig’s Creek, killed; John Alex. Crawford at Craig’s Creek, wounded;

halkley Lyman, Chroniccles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County 1745-1800, volume 2 (Rosslyn, Virginia: The Commonwealth Company, no date), digital images,, viewed online 25 January 2023.