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Recently, the Nemaha County Historical Society received a copy of pages 1 and 2 of the November 11, 1946 issue of the Courier Tribune. While this copy of the paper was in poor condition, we were able to piece it back together for display in the Military Museum of Honor.
This issue of the paper was unique in that it identified those from the county who were killed during World War II, provided details about their death and often included a picture.
This week’s post contains those service men and women featured on page 2 of the paper. Unfortunately, the photos in the digital copy of the newspaper are of low quality. Thus, they will not be used in this post.

The Courier-Tribune
November 11, 1946

A Memorial Issue Today
For Armistice

Leander A. Haug, M. M. 1-c
Leander Haug, 1st class Machinist’s mate, U.S. Navy. Son of Mrs. Mary Barney Haug, now of Hiawatha, formerly of Vermillion. Born Nov. 2, 1910. Served his country almost nine years, most of that time in submarine duty. Served on the U.S.S. Sailfish which with the Bowfin sank seven Jap ships under persistent counter-attack. Met death in an accident April 1, 1943 ashore, near Davis, Calif. while returning to base at Mare Island.

St. Sgt. Lewis L. Barrett
Sergeant Barrett served in the air corps. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Barrett, Wetmore, Born May 6, 1920 and entered service in January, 1943. He went to the European theater in Feb. 1844, and there med death in action, August 12, 1944.

Tech 4 Jonas E. Smith
Jonas E. Smith gave his life in the battle of the Belgian Bulge on January 24, 1945. The son of Roy E. and Harriet Smith of Centralia, he was born August 5, 1918. He entered the army Oct. 8, 1941, and served with the 291st infantry Co., 75th Division. HE was married June 20, 1942 to Betty Jean Long and she and their little son, Maurice Elmer, live at Salina.

Joseph Martin Boeding
Joseph Martin Boeding, torpedoman’s mate third class, U.S. Navy, was on the submarine U.S.S. Tr[?] with which contact was lost March 27, 1945 when she was in [?] waters, presumably near Okinawa. Joseph, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Boeding of Corning was born Oct. 5, 1920 and enlisted in the navy July 1942.

Staff Sgt. Earl J. Meyer
Staff Sgt. Earl J. Meyer, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Meyer of Sabetha, entered service March 29, 1942 and was in Co. E, 358th infantry. He went overseas in the spring of 1944, and was wounded in France, hospitalized, returned to the front again and was killed in the St. Lo area, leading his platoon in an attack July 23, 1944 at the River Severs. Earl’s birthday was Independence day, July 4, 1919.

St. Sgt. Moses F. Tate
St. Sgt. Moses F. Tate, born May 22, 1920, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A Tate of Seneca, was in the 9th air force. He was lost in the bombing of the strategic Ploesti oil fields, source of German fuel, August 1, 1943. He was on his sixth mission. He had earned his distinguished flying cross in his fifth raid. Entered service in ‘40.

St. Sgt. Bernard A. Becker
Benard J. Becker, son of Ed. J. and Katherine Becker, Seneca, born Nov. 15, 1917, was another fine man engaged in the hazardous air battle against the enemy. He was a member of the 560th Bomb Squadron, 388 Bomb group. His plane was lost in enemy territory in Europe. For a time there was hope he might be alive as a prisoner but he was not found.

Lieut. Haley William Skinner
Lieut. Haley Skinner, talented young Sabethan, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Skinner, was a member of the 66th Pursuit squadron, group 57. HE received his commission and wings Oct 31, 1941, before the war started; left for Australia, January 11, 1942. He was reported missing on the U.S.S. Langley, April 4, 1942.

F/O Raymond B. Woltkamp
Flight Officer Raymond B. Woltkamp of the army air force was first pilot on a B-24 (Liberator) shot down June 16, 1944, over Italy. Raymond was born December 4, 1921, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Woltkamp of Seneca. He enlisted in the air corps in the spring of 1941.

George Bieri
Fire Controlman First Class George Bieri served with the navy from January 1938. George’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Bieri, long of the Oneida and Bern communities, now at Lansing where Mr. Bieri is a superintendent. Geo Bieri lost his life on the aircraft carrier Liscombe Bay, sunk in the Pacific by Japanese attack. Born April 6, 1919.

Eldon Welliever
Eldon Welliever, trained in radio work and member of crews of B-17s and B-29s, lost his life on Sept. 27, 1944, when he and four of his officers were making a non-combatant trip over the “hump” to an air base in China, ferrying gasoline. Their plane crashed at the air base. Eldon leaves his wife, small son, Holton; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Welliever, Mayetta.

Major Arlie W. Higgins
Major Arlie W. Higgins, son of Mrs. W. H. HIggins and the late Judge Higgins of Seneca, was a reserve officer, called to service when war threatened. He was in the Philippines when they fell to the Japs and was taken prisoner of war. The Japs began taking prisoners of war out of the Philippines when it become apparent they would lose the islands. Record indicate Major Higgins lost his life October 24, 1944, when a Japanese ship, bearing Americans, was sunk in the South China sea. Mrs. Arlie Higgins lives at San Antonio.

to be continued