In honor of the 4th of July, I am reposting this from last year.

Does your tree go back to colonial times? If so, have you tried to find revolutionary war ancestors? When I first started researching my tree, I looked for a Crawford that served. Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to get my tree back far enough on my Crawford line to have a potential patriot.

Since I had a copy of my great grandmother’s application to the Daughters of the American Revolution, I gave up looking for a Crawford patriot and applied using her application — and I was denied. Her application used Jason Hammond (1762-1842) as her patriot ancestor.

However, the line thru this Jason Hammond is closed. My application was modified to go thru Jason’s father, Nathaniel Hammond (#A050625) who provided patriotic service for Connecticut.

After my application was approved, I quit looking at most of my other branches. Wanting to have a patriot ancestor on my mom’s side of the tree, I did investigate the Buckles line.

Recently, I was curious about how many patriot lines I might have in my tree. Thus, I started researching the men in the 8th generation of my tree to see if someone with similar information was listed in the DAR ancestor file. And I found quite a few ancestors on the DAR site.

Paternal Side

  • Elizur Talcott (1709-1797 #A113367 provided patriotic service and served as a Colonel for Connecticut in the 6th Regiment militia under Brigadier General Wolcott
  • John Foster (1735-1800) #A041635 served as a private for Maryland under Capt. Peter Mantz
  • Daniel Harris (abt 1737-1821) #A051563 served as a private for Virginia under Capt. James Kearny, Cols Thomas Hartly, Hubley
  • Samuel Demarest (1707-1785) #A131555 possibly served for York County, Pennsylvania.
  • Simon Van Arsdale (1746-1802) #A117118 served as a Major for Pennsylvania under Col. Andrew in the York County militia and also as a Captain under Col. McPherson and an ensign under Capt. Hugh Campbell
  • Henry Banta (1718-1805) #A005785 provided patriotic service for Pennsylvania
  • Harmanus Ostrander (1729-1803) #A210554 served as a private for new York in the Ulster county militia
  • Ebenezer Merry (1748-1809) #A078189 served as a private for Connecticut under Lt. Seymour and Maj Newberry
  • Stephen Peabody (1753-1838) #A086830 served as a sergeant for Massachusetts under Capt. Jabes West and Col. Jonathan Eddy

Maternal Side

  • Benjamin Rush (1752-1819) #A100014 provided patriotic service in North Carolina by furnishing supplies in 1780
  • James Buckles (1733-1797) #A016515 served as a Captain for Virginia in the Berkeley County militia
  • Thomas Dawson (1760-1832) #A030832 provided patriotic service for Virginia by furnishing supplies
  • Oliver Miles (1738-1820) #A078880 served as a private for Massachusetts under Lt. Ephraim Wheeler and Col Eleazor Brooks
  • John Josselyn Junior (1735-1810) #A063118 served as a Captain for Massachusetts under Col. John Whetcomb at Lexington and in the 8th Worcester County Militia under Col Job Cushing. He was also a town treasurer.
  • Nathaniel Wells Senior (1730-1804) #A122573 served as a private for Connecticut under Capt. James Chapman and Col. Samuel Holden Parsons
  • Oliver White (1724-1789) served as a private for Massachusetts under Capt Eliakim Smith at Lexington and under Captains Smith, Moses Kellogg and Col. Jonathan Ward
  • David Kennedy (1730-1792) #A064685 served as a private for Connecticut at Lexington
  • Comfort Barnes (1737-1816) #A006295 was a civil servant and provided patriotic service for Massachusetts. He served on the Committee of Safety or Correspondence.

I never dreamed I had this many potential patriots in my tree! Now, I have to not only document their service but make sure I have documented my line back to them.