This is a personal blog hosted on the platform. I respect your right to keep your personal data private. Thus, identifying information is only collected when truly needed. This identifying information is not shared with others except when in accordance with the law.

Site Statistics – Cookies

My primary use of identifying information is to see the ‘traffic’. In other words, I am interested in knowing how many times a blog post is read. I’m sure ‘cookies’ are used to help collect this statistical data. The JetPack plugin collects and aggregates this data into the statistical report that I see. This report does include a map showing the country of origin for readers of my blog.

Comments – Names and Email Addresses

Another way in which user data is collected is thru user comments. I currently require someone wishing to comment on a blog post to leave their name and email address. I utilize this setting in hopes of preventing spammers from commenting on my blog.  I also utilize Askimet to scan comments for spam.


Each blogpost on this site may contain links to other sites on the Internet. I am not responsible for the content or privacy practices on these websites. If you are concerned about the privacy practices of one of these third-party links, be sure to read their privacy policy. Please do not assume that your privacy is protected if you access any content from this blog that has been copied and published elsewhere without my permission.

Marcia Philbrick

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