The Piano in Our Lives

195312MarciaCrawfordPianoStoolRobertaCrawfordWEBIn pondering my musical heritage, one of my early memories is of the piano stool at Grandma Crawford’s. As kids, would love to sit and spin on it. I even had the privilege of having the piano stool for my seat at the family dinner table. Outside of those family dinners, the stool resided in my grandmother’s bedroom in front of her piano. I only have vague memories of her playing the piano and have no idea what happened to that piano.

1960CrawfordDavidwithgrandadCrawfordWEBThe musician in our family is actually my mother. She played the French horn in high school and the piano. Mom had a gift with the piano. She could play a tune using chords similar to guitar playing. I remember the family waiting for her piano to arrive after my parents purchased a house in Dodge City. I learned to play on mom’s piano and even had lessons on playing with chords. To mom’s regret, I did not inherit her musical talent. Mom’s piano followed us to Emporia where it graced our living room. That piano is still in the family – residing in my brother’s home.