Wyatt Earp? Really Ancestry?

Warning shaky leaf failure!

While trying to add a document to my tree on Ancestry, I encountered an odd suggestion on the time line for this individual!

File Naming Convention

That’s right — according to the Ancestry hint, my ancestor may have encountered Wyatt Earp. Of course, I’m going to IGNORE this hint. After all, my ancestor would have only been two when Wyatt Earp died. That and the fact that Wyatt Earp moved away from Dodge City around 1879 makes this assertion somewhat ridiculous.

Now, I did grow up in Dodge City and watched my share of Gunsmoke. I’ve also wondered if any of my collateral relatives might have known Wyatt Earp. (My direct line wasn’t in the Dodge City area early enough.) Even though I had collateral lines that followed the same migration path as Wyatt Earp, my relatives were about 3-5 years behind Earp as they moved West. Thus, I won’t claim contact with this legendary sheriff and gambler.

Hopefully, no one else sharing my tree will fall for this hint!