Same Name Struggle

About a week ago, I was ELATED when I discovered that my brother’s DNA matched a CURREY line that I have been struggling to verify. My brother’s line is shown on the left and another researcher’s line is on the right.


This data supports my theory that Hiram M. Currey of Peoria, Illinois is the brother of Providence Montz Currey of Indiana and Oregon. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of other data in support of this theory and worked with two fantastic researchers who descend from Hiram Mirick Currey of Ohio.

Not only am I tracing four generations of essentially the same name, but two of those Hiram Currey’s disappear on me. My second great-grandfather, Hiram M. Currey, died in Leavenworth County, Kansas in 1901. According to the family bible he was born in Peoria, Illinois in 1835.

Today, Family Search updated their website to merge some of the older LDS records into the Family Search Tree. Since the influx of this older data might cause duplicate records, I expected to find duplicates for my ancestors — particularly when working with the same name over 4 generations.

I’ve used Roots Magic to match my database to the family search tree. Thus, I followed my tree and started checking each ancestor for duplicates — fully expecting to find some. I didn’t find duplicates — even with Hiram Currey.

My next step was to look at siblings of my great-grandfather to see if they generated duplicates. Again, no duplicates until I reached my 3rd great-grandfather’s probable family of daughters Julia, Mary Ellen and Caroline and son Hiram.

Even with this probable family, I didn’t find duplicates. However, Caroline was attached as a daughter of a different Hiram Currey.