Tackling the Hirams – Dodge City Bunch

Children of Hiram Miles Currey and Winnie Mae Hutchinson Curreycurry-children

  • Henry Currey – 1893-1906
  • Herbert Miles Currey – 1895-1971
  • Hiram Currey – 1897-1898
  • Myrtle Irene Currey – 1899-1970
  • Mary Lela Currey – 1901-1977
  • Winnie Letha Currey – 1903-1992
  • Earnest Oran Currey – 1906-1979
  • Alma Jean Currey – 1912-1989

At the ages of 18, 14, 12, 10, 7 and 1, these siblings were separated when their mother, Winnie Mae (Hutchinson) Currey died in 1913. According to Winnie Letha (Currey) Crawford, the two youngest, Alma and Earnest, were placed with families while Winnie, Mary and Myrtle were sent to a children’s home.

By 1925, the youngest children,  Earnest and Alma, were  living with their father in Gray County. Myrtle and Winnie had married and were living in Dodge City just to the East of their father. Mary and Joseph Walters were living a bit further west in Finney County. (1925 Kansas State Census)

Herbert does not appear to be living in Western Kansas at the time. By 1930, he is living in Bannock County, Idaho. Since his daughter, Dorothy, was born in 1920 in Utah and his youngest daughter, Ellen, was born in Bear Lake County, Idaho in 1926, it is likely that Herbert and his family were either in Utah or Idaho in 1925. (1930 U.S. Census Bannock County, Idaho)