Hints Discovery

Thanks to Randy Seaver and his blog about using the links from Family Search to access hints from Ancestry and other genealogy sites, I retried the links. I did discover that (for me at least), I have to use Chrome for those links to work.

grandad1The Ancestry link gave me 111,849 hints — and the first 50 appear to actually be for my grandfather!

grandad2In that list of 50 were a couple of links to high school yearbooks. Following the first of those links, I discovered a list of ‘Athenian’ members that included my grandfather’s name.



Since I have no idea what the ‘Athenian’ group is, I started browsing the yearbook from the start to make sure I was looking at a yearbook from Dodge City and to see if I could find my grandfather elsewhere in the publication. That’s when I found the unlabeled picture of the freshman class that includes my grandfather. (The next page of the yearbook lists the members of the class.)


I could see my grandfather in this picture before finding the list of class members on the next page. I see a lot of my nephew in the way my grandfather is standing. I wonder if other family members will be able to pick him out!