Patriots (and Tories)

As we celebrate Independence Day, I began thinking about my ancestors that participated to make today possible.

My great grandmother, Josie Hammond, joined the Daughters of the American Revolution thru her great-grandfather, Jason Hammond. At the time, it was believed that Jason fought for Connecticut. Unfortunately, there are several Jason Hammonds in Connecticut at the time and records make it difficult to know for sure which one served. Thus, my DAR application is thru Jason’s father, Nathaniel Hammond. Nathaniel Hammond didn’t fight for the cause but helped the fight by providing supplies to the troops.

I also have a verifiable revolutionary ancestor on my mother’s side: William Buckles. William served in the Berkeley (Virginia) militia 1778. Other potential revolutionary ancestors include Cheney Ricketts (Pennsylvania), Oliver White (Massachusetts), George Thurston (Rhode Island), George Crandall (New York). With most of my lines going back to colonial New England or Virginia, it is likely that I will discover more patriots as I verify new ancestors.

Besides having numerous patriot ancestors, I have at least one Tory ancestor. My great-great grandmother, Julia Harding, was the daughter of William G. Harding. William Harding migrated to Iowa from New Brunswick, Canada – where Julia was born. The Harding family settled in New Brunswick shortly after the end of the revolutionary war on a land grant from the King. Prior to the revolution, the family was living in the state of New York.

I look forward to discovering more ancestors from this time period – Patriots or Tories.