Bearded – Not!


A recent #52Ancestors prompt was bearded. In thinking about that prompt, my first thought was I don’t have anyone to right about since the majority of pictures I have are of men without beards. So instead of writing about someone who was bearded, I’m going to show my unbearded family tree.

My Family Tree


Eugene David Crawford and Roberta Adell Briles


Leon Russel Crawford (1894-1976) and Winnie Letha Currey (1903-1992)

Edward Osmond Briles (1891-1956) and Pauline Edith Mentzer (1896-1984)

Great Grand Parents

Judson Foster Crawford (1894-1949) and Josie Winifred Hammond (1874-1954)

Hiram Miles Currey (1866-1943) and Winnie Mae Hutchinson (1871-1913)

Edward Grant Briles (1869-1951) and Frances Artlissa ‘Artie’ Ricketts (1868-1947)

Charles Oliver Mentzer  (1869-1955) and Nettie Addell Wells (1873-1939)