Pension Application

James Curry of Ohio

Ohio Roll
James Curry
Col. Bowman Captain
In the Army of the United States during the Revolutionay War
Inscribed on the Roll of Ohio
at the rate of Twenty Dollars per month, to commence
the 1st of May 1818
Certificate of Pension issued the 25th of Jan 1819
and sent to Burns Parish
Columbus, Ohio

image 305
James Curry Capt
fourth VA regt
May 1818

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James Curry was a Resident of Madison, Ohio
deposeth and sayeth that on the 24th day of June 1777
he entered into the service of the United States in the Virginia
line on continental establishment in the revolutionary war
as a first Lieutenant, his commission stated as above
was then in Capt. Robert Higgin’s Company in the 8th
Virginia Regimental commando by Col. Abraham [Boiseman]
that on the Regiments being replaced by various cuasin
on being in action [discharged from] the 8th to 4th
joined or consolidated and denominated the 4th Reg
and was then commanded by Col John Nevill
a number of [supunumerary] officer now then sent
home; your deponent was still retaind in [?]
and on September the 23rd 1779 received a Captain
Commission that he was with the troops of the Virginia
line in the neighborhood of Morristown, where
the Hutts were nearly com[pleted] for wintering in
when orders were received for the line to March
for Charleston So Carolna that your deponent
[trasfer] of the Virginia line left him
encamped near Morristown on the 10th Dec
1779 and reach Charlestown early in april
and after about a month seige we cap[autated]
on the 12 of May 1780 your deponent with
the other officers were paraled to Harddrolls point
where we were detained until June 1781

Image 307
when a [cartel] was settled for exchanging
the prisoners in the Southern departments as
far as officers of similar rank would apply
and the remainder to be paroled to their homes
liable to be called in by the British authorities
on certain specificants [except by mentioned]
of those paroled to their homes and [that I have number]
was your deponent and became liberated by
the end of the war. Your deponent states with
regrets that he has after the strictest search been
unable to find his commissions; also two counterparts
of paroles; and certificate of an oath of fidelity to
the United States [since] to be taken before the
Journals of Division that of your deponent taken
before the Marquis de la Fayette and to which was
his signature; some in Camp near Valley Fort
in the spring of 1778 shortly before the army quitting
there plans, and but a little proceeding the battles
of Monmouoth, in which action your deponent
was ; [We] should have mentioned above that those officers
and who remaind of the soldiers wee brought to
James tavern in Virginia (after the [carel] was
agreed on) in District frankforts. our deponent
further state that he has no pension allowed
him by the laws of the United Staes
nor is his name on your pension list

Image 308
and then from his [?] circumstances
he needs the tender aid of his
country, by the act of Congress of
March 18th 1818
James Curry

U.S. Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application files, 1800-1900, James Curry, 5 January 1819; database with images, ( : viewed online 31 October 2021). Original Source: NARA microfilm pubication M804.