1939 Navy Boys

Part 2

The following tidbits of local news regarding Nemaha men who served in the U.S. Navy in 1939.

Andrew J. Herold in Civil Service in Hawaii

Were it not for the old home paper the old home town would lose track of many old home town boys. It is the business of the newspaper to keep the reading public informed so far as it can. Those who have news of old home town boys should aid in this matter.

Old home town boy, Andrew J. Herold, is now in the Hawaiian Islands, stationed at Honolulu where he is an electrical engineer in the navy. Andrew has civilian civil service rating. He and his wife, went to the Islands about May 1st. this is work for which he always has had a bent and suits him much better than former employment with REA.

Courier Tribune (Seneca, KS) June 26, 1939 page 2

Joe Schon, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Schon, Lincoln and grandson of Mrs. C. D. Hinkley of Bern has joined the navy and is now in California.

Courier tribune (Seneca, KS) July 10, 1939 page 5

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baugh are looking forward to a visit from their son, Bob, who is in the navy and has been stationed near Honolulu for the past six months.

Courier Tribune (Seneca, KS) July 13, 1939 page 8

Mrs. Alta Robertson Elliott and her husband, R. H. Elliott live in apartment five at 3835 Third avenue, San Diego. Mr. Elliott is employed in air mechanical service at the Navy station on North Island.

Courier Tribune (Seneca, KS) July 27, 1939 page 4

Reuben Bieri, U.S. Navy, reached Seneca last night on a 20-day leave.

Courier Tribune (Seneca, KS) August 14, 1939 page 3

Kenneth Grigsby, Kansas City, wrote his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Grigsby that he is thinking seriously of rejoining the Navy in which he served four years but did not “ship over” after his term expired in the spring of ’38. Kenneth is employed in the Sears Roebuck store in Kansas City.

Courier Tribune (Seneca, KS) September 21, 1939 page 8

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