1939 Air Corps

The following articles about Nemaha countians in the air corp were found in the 1939 issues of Seneca area paper.

Want Forty Men for the Air Corps

Recruiting activities to strengthen the national defense hit a new high in Wichita recently when Major L. D. Bogan, army recruiting officer, issued a call for 40 men for the air corps in California.

This is the largest order for air corps men yet made through the Wichita office. the call, authorized by General Bishop,, commandant of the Seventh Corps Area at Omaha was for men for Moffet Field, California.

The men must be recruited by September 26th or 27th, Major Bogan said, because they must report at Moffet Field not later than September 30th.

Major Bogan said application for the 40 select positions among the best in any branch of Uncle Sam’s fighting services will be taken commencing September 15.

Courier Tribune (Seneca, KS) September 18, 1939 page 2

Max Millen, youngest son of Mrs. Bertha Millen, Seneca, has joined the army air corps at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Max has been employed in Blackwell, Oklahoma for some time and likes his new work and his associates.

Courier Tribune (Seneca, KS) August 28, 1939 page 3

May Go to Air Corps

Walter Lancaster, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Lancaster of Oneida was one of six recruits for the U.S. army air corps sent from Topeka to Ft. Riley for a final examination, which, if passed will permit them to go to Moffet Field, California for training.

Courier tribune (Seneca, KS) September 28, 1939 page 7