Some Gave All

Since 2010, Nutfield Genealogy has challenged local genealogists to photograph and transcribe war memorials through its Honor Roll Project. Even though I’ve been aware of this challenge, I haven’t taken the time to photograph and then transcribe any of the many memorials in Nemaha county, Kansas. This year, I am contributing to the project.

The picture below is from the veterans wall on the East side of Seneca. This wall was established by the local veterans under the leadership of John Rottinghaus. It is a beautiful and moving tribute to the many veterans of Nemaha County. This particular section of the display honors those who died serving our country.

1st Column (Left to Right)

  • Tate Moses S-Sgt MIA after Bombing Raid on Rumanian Oil Field
  • Sgt Earle Taylor Co F 1st Kansas Inf Co F 137 Inf Killed in Action October 2, 1918 World War I
  • Pvt Palmer Jones 41 Co 164 Dep Brig Co I 356 Inf Died from Wounds Oct 10, 1918 WWI
  • John L. Graham Captain Co D 8th Kansas Inf KIA Sept 19, 1863 Chickamauga Ga
  • William Clampett Pvt Co D 8th Kansas Inf KIA Sept 19, 1863 Chickamauga GA
  • Robert M Hale 1st Sgt Co D 8th Kansas Inf KIA Sept 19 1863 Chickamauga GA

2nd column

  • Sgt Joseph Henry Co K 47 Inf Co 139 Inf Died from Wounds October 10, 1918 World War I
  • Clare F Sparling Corporal Company E 353rd Infantry Died Sept 19 1918 Buried St Mihiel Thiaucourt France
  • Pvt Joseph M Grew Co C 1st KS Inf Co C 137 Inf Div Killed in Action Oct 18, 1918 WW I
  • Eitel F Thieme Corporal Co 353 Infantry Killed in Action November 1 1918 World War I
  • Delbert M Moyer PFC Co M 125th Inf 32th Div Army Killed in action July 31 1918 WWI Buried in Belgium

3rd column

  • Pvt Joseph Gress Arrived in France Mar 1918 7th Inf Brig 3rd Inf Div Died Oct 18 1918 Buried Romagne Fr
  • Schultejans Bernard PFC army 26th Infantry Div KIA Luxembourg 44 Buried Luxembourg WWII Purple Heart
  • Robert G Griffith US Army Air Force POW Bronze Star Purple Heart Died 1942 Bataan Death March Philippines
  • Pvt John W Levick Co F 1 Ks Inf Co F 137 Inf Killed in Action October 2, 1918 World War I
  • David W Armstrong Pvt Co A 21 F Sig Bn Co A 828 F Sig En Repl Det Killed in Action Oct 9 1918 WWI

4th column

  • Joseph M Boeding Third Class Navy Lost at Sea 1945 on Submarine USS Trigger Okinawa Purple Heart
  • St Sgt Earl Meyer Wounded in France Returned to Duty KIA St Lo France July 23 1944 WWII Purple Heart
  • LT Haley Skinner 66th Pursuit Squadron group 57 Missing in Action April 4 1942 WWII Purple Heart
  • George W Springer Lieut Air Corps 406th FB Squadron 371st Fighter KIA 1944 German WWII Purple Heart
  • Lieut Robert Shaw Flier Army Missing in Action over Germany 1944 WW II Purple Heart

5th column

  • George Bieri Navy Fire Controlman KIA When aircraft Carrier Liscombe Bay Was Sunk WWII Purple Heart
  • Sgt Elgin Strahm Amphibious Boat Service US Army Killed in Action Southwest Pacific WW II Purple Heart
  • Sgt Lewis Barrett European Theater Killed in Action August 12 1944 WWII Purple Heart
  • Raymond Rokey Capt Infantry KIA France 28th Infantry Div World War II Purple Heart
  • Joseph Enneking PFC Co K 410 Inf KIA in Action France oct 4 1944 Buried in France Purple Heart

6th column

  • Pvt George Weeks Killed in action November 9 1944 France WWII Purple Heart
  • Bernard A Becker St Sgt 560 Bomb Squadron 388 Bomb Gr Lost Contact over Europe KIA WWII Purple Heart
  • Winterscheidt St Sgt Lawrence Radioman on B-25 Killed in Action New Britain WWII Purple Heart
  • Tech5 Ralph Allen Company B 34th Tank Battalion KIA Dec 14 1944 Western Germany WW II Purple Heart
  • Sgt Roy L fund 137th Infantry 35th Division Killed in Action Normandy July 1944 WWII Purple Heart

7th column

  • Raymond Woltkamp Flight Officer B24 Liberator First Pilot Shot Down June 16 1944 Purple Heart
  • Sgt Carol E Domer Lost at Sea 1943 Near New Guinea 90th Bob Group Located 2002 Purple Heart
  • Lt Ernest Swart Pilot B24 Flying Tigers over Hump Killed Jan 1945 China WWII
  • Hunninghake Henry J St Sgt Headquarters Co 357th Infantry KIA Normandy 1944 WWII Purple Heart
  • Maj Arlie Higgins POW Phillippines KIA Oct 24 1944 Japanese Ship was Sunk Bearing POW WWII Purple Heart

8th Column

  • George E Kohake Sn 2nd Class Navy Cl-62-Birmingham KIA May 4 1945 Buried at Sea WWII Purple Heart
  • Sgt Frank Schafer Tank Commander KIA 1945 France Purple Heart World War II
  • Richard Bindel St Sgt Engineer Turret Gunner B24 Liberator Missing 1944 over France WW II Purple Heart
  • Sgt Virgil Brown Engineer on B24 Liberator Bomber Failed to Return from Mission 1944 WWII Purple Heart
  • Pvt Francis Long Killed in Action Lubang Island 1945 World War II Purple Heart

9th Column

  • Patrick C Reid Captain US Army FA Bn 8th Inf Div Killed in Action July 14 1953 Tumok Korea
  • William Guilford Pvt Infantry Killed in Action near Aachen Germany Sept 1944 WWII Purple Heart
  • Corp Cyril Nolte One of First Inf Division to Enter France Killed in Actin Sept 1944 WWII Purple Heart
  • Kellenberger Galen PFC runner Radio Man L Co 47th Inf KIA April 21 1945 WWII Purple Heart
  • Donald Hall Navy Lost at Sea Jan 16 1944 aboard Submarine USS Corvina WW II Purple Heart

10 Column

  • Ronald Lee Haug SSgt E5 Army 101 st Airborne KIA Feb 13 1970 Thua Thien South Vietnam
  • Ronald Ray Ward PFC US Army 199th Light Inf Brigade Bien-Hoa Vietnam KIA May 23 1969 Purple Heart
  • Cecil T Thompson 4 Air Commando Sq S Sgt Air Force Oak Leaf Cluster KIA Vietnam Jan 9 1967 Purple Heart
  • Edward R Lukert Sgt 22nd Infantry 3rd Bat 4th Div Died by Dau Tieng Vietnam June 11 69 Purple Heart
  • Joseph L Becker SFC US Army Missing in Action Korea Nov 2 1950 Bronze Star Purple Heart
  • Harry Bieri Chief Fire Control US Battleship USS New York Sunk Battle of Midway KIA WWII Purple Ht

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