Merging Sources

Do you have a poorly crafted source in your RootsMagic file that you would like to replace with another? I have to admit that I have such sources in my file.

In the past, I have worked my way thru adding the new source/citation and deleting the old one – one fact at a time. Today, as I was working with my WELLS research I came across a source that needed updated – but it had been used 285 times.

Not wanting to work my way thru numerous individuals and 285 facts to switch out the source, I decided to experiment with merging the source.

First, I did a backup of my file. That way, if my experiment failed, I could restore the backup and start switching out the sources.

My next step was to create a ‘new’ source using a template based on Evidence Explained standards. The template I used was one I had copied from one of the built-in RootsMagic templates. It was for a letter.

Using my template, I entered the information for the new source.

With my new source highlighted on the SOURCES screen, I pulled down the 3 dot menu and selected MERGE SOURCE.

Then, I highlighted my ‘bad’ source. (Family-Wells MI)

By selecting the 2nd source (my bad one), a window opened showing the two sources side by side..

This allows me to compare them before merging. If I had selected the sources in the ‘wrong’ order, I could swap them at this point. Since these sources are arranged in the way I wish to merge them, I clicked on MERGE DUPLICATES. That removed my ‘bad’ source and moved all the cited facts to my new source.

I don’t know why I haven’t tried this before! It was a simple way to switch out a new updated source for my older ‘bad’ source.