Two Samuels

Do you have ‘favorite’ lines in your tree? I’m referring to those lines that you have spent the most time researching compared to other lines. I have to admit that I do have at least one favorite line – my CRAWFORD line.

Thus, I might conclude that I did not do a very good job of researching my third great grandfathers for my other lines. However, when I look at the sourcing I added to these lines in comparison to what was available during that time, I did fairly well at adding sources. These sources included census records and published history and genealogies. While I made two trips to Salt Lake where I obtained quite a few deeds for my ancestors, I did not have time to search for these deeds for all of my lines.

So, when I began reviewing my information for Samuel H. Christy, I found that I don’t have any land records for Samuel, even though the census indicates he owned real estate in both Fayette County, Ohio in 1850 and in Tipton County, Indiana in 1860. [Samuel Christy in my Ancestry tree]

1850 U.S. Census, Fayette County Ohio, population schedule, Jasper Township, Fayette County, Indiana, page 156, household 1293, Samuel H Christy; digital image, ( : viewed online October 2017); NARA microfilm publication M432.
1860 U.S. Census, Tipton County, Indiana, population schedule, Jefferson Township, Tipton County, Indiana, page 189 Image 15 of 34, household 1425, Samuel H Christy; digital image, ( : viewed online November 2017); NARA microfilm publication M653

Unfortunately, the Tipton County, Indiana land records are locked and will have to be searched at a later date. However, the Fayette County, Ohio land records are available. Thus, I started searching for land records for Samuel Christy in Fayette County.

That initial search showed quite a few grantor records for Samuel Christy.

Fayette County Ohio, Grantor Index, A-K 1810-1913, Film 292607 DGS 7900590, page 224 (Image 129)

These first entries in the grantor index for Samuel Christy are a major clue to the existence of a second Samuel Christy owning land in Fayette County, Ohio. The clue is the date of the deeds. Since my Samuel H. Christy was born about 1819, he would not have been old enough to own let alone sell land in 1834. Thus, there has to be a second, older Samuel Christy.

Fortunately, there is one entry in the index for a Samuel H. Christy.

Fayette County Ohio, Grantor Index, A-K 1810-1913, Film 292607 DGS 7900590, page 224 (Image 129)

As a deed for the sale of land, Samuel’s wife must also sign the deed. Since the wife’s name on the deed is ‘Lydia Christy’ I believe this deed is for my ancestor, Samuel H. and Lydia (Gallimore) Christy.

Another clue is found by comparing the Oct 1850 deed for Samuel H Christy to the June 1851 deed for Samuel Christy. Both of these deeds are for land that was part of survey 1342. Thus, it is possible they are for the same Samuel Christy. The deed for Samuel H. Christy in Book P on page 51 appears to have been signed by Samuel H. Christy and Lydia Christy.

The 1851 Samuel Christy deed does not include a wife. The signature also indicates that Samuel Christy could not sign his name since it says ‘his mark’.

Thus, I believe my original conclusion that there are (at least) two men named Samuel Christy selling land in Fayette County, Ohio. Much additional research will be required to figure out who this second Samuel Christy is. For now I’m concentrating on my ancestor, Samuel H. Christy.

Below is the deed where Samuel H. Christy and his wife, Lydia, sold land in Fayette County, Ohio.

Oct 5 1850 Christy Samuel H to David Cramer Book P page 51

Image 35 – page 51

Samuel H Christy
To Deed
David Creamer
$750 – 50 – 1342

Know all men that I Samuel H. Christy and
Lydia Christy wife of said Samuel H. Christy of the
County of Fayette and State of Ohio in consideration of
the sum of seven hundred & fifty dollars in hand paid
by David Creamer of the County & State aforesaid have bargained and sold
and do hereby grant bargain sell and convey unto the said David Creamer
his heirs and assigns forever, the following premises, situate in the County of Fay
ette in the State of Ohio and in Jasper Township and bound and described
as follows. Beginning at a stone & Hickory northwest corner to David Christy
thence S 142 poles to a large Elm the southwest corner to said Christy. Thence W
56 1/4 poles to a honey locust 7 elm corner to Samuel Fifth home thence N 142
poles to three elms & Bur oak corner to Fifth home. Thence E 56 1/4 poles to the begin
ning containing fifty acres of land be the same more or less being part of a
survey made in the name of Thomas Shaw No 1342. To have and to hold
said premises with the appurtenances unto the said David Creamer his he
irs and assigns and the said Samuel H. Christy & wife for themselves and
heirs do hereby covenant with said David Creamer his heirs and assigns that
they are lawfully seized of the premises aforesaid, and that the premises are
free and clear from all encumbrances whatsoever, and he will forever war
rant and defend the same with the appurtenances, unto the said David Cream
mer & his heirs and assigns against all lawful claims of all persons whom so ever
In Testimony whereof the said Samuel H. Christy and Lydia his wife have
hereunto set their hands and seals this fifth day of October the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Fifty.
Samuel H.. Christy (seal)
Lydia Christy (seal)

page 52 (image 36)
Signed sealed & Acknowledged
in presence of us
J. B. Creamer
David D. Christy

The State of Ohio Fayette county SS
Before e J. B. Creamer a Justice of the Peace
in and for said County personally appeared the
above named Samuel H. Christy and Lydia
Christy his wife and acknowledged the signing
and sealing of the above conveyance to be their voluntary act and deed; and the
said Lydia Christy being at the same time examined by me separate and apart
from her husband and the contents of said instrument made known to her by me
she then declared that she did voluntarily sign seal and acknowledge the same
and that she is still satisfied therewith; this fifth day of Octr A. D. 1850
J. B Creamer JP
Recd 20th Recorded 21st Nov 1850

Ohio, Fayette County. Deeds, v. P 1850-1853. Film #292618 DGS 8141941. Samuel H. Christy, 9 Oct 1850 Vol. P: page 51 (image 35); digitized images, FamilySearch : viewed online 24 July 2022.

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