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Is the local public library on your list of repositories to search for family history information? While I don’t have ancestral roots in Seneca, Kansas, the Seneca Free Library is very helpful for my research.

First, the library director agreed to submit the application to become an ‘affiliate library’ for FamilySearch records. By being an affiliate library, I can pack up my laptop and travel a whole sum of 0.5 miles to view many county records that are locked from my home. Check out the list of affiliate libraries to see if there is one close to your home!

Second, the Seneca Free Library paid for the digitization of the local newspaper! These digitized copies have been a tremendous help in my work with the Nemaha County Historical Society. Unlike and other companies, the Seneca area newspapers are available for FREE by using the link on the library’s site.

Knowing that other libraries also paid to have their local newspapers digitized, I always check the list of free newspapers maintained on Ancestor Hunt when looking for an obituary or other information on individuals in my tree.

While working to update my research for John Lewis Ricketts, I was hoping to find an obituary or other newspaper article about his life in Clinton County, Indiana. When all of my newspaper searches unearthed nothing, I decided to see what the local library in Frankfort, Indiana might have.

While the Frankfort Community Public Library did not have links to digitized newspapers on their site, they did have a page of links to genealogy resources. This page included a link to the Clinton County Court Archive Database.

Following this link, I was able to search for RICKETTS in the probate records. And I found the box/file number for a John Ricketts probate record!

I then broadened my search to show Probate Records for the RICKETTS surname.

Curious as to what else might be contained in this database, I searched the CIVIL court records. This revealed a case where James M. Ricketts is identified as the ‘Heir of Isom Gallimore’!

In addition to this very valuable database of court records, Frankfort Community Public Library’s site indicates they have other resources in their collection, including microfilm copies of the newspapers.

I will be contacting the library to get information on how to obtain copies of the probate and civil court files! I will also inquire about a local researcher to dig into the newspapers for an obituary.

Thus, I’m reminded to check the local public library, historical society and genealogical society where I’m researching to see what resources might be available!

Thank you Frankfort Community Public Library and Clinton County (Indiana) genealogists for your work to preserve and share Clinton County history.

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  1. Thanks for the plug for public libraries as a resource for family historians/genealogists 🙂 Even smaller libraries can lead you to some great sources of information! I maintain the website for the library I work at and have a full page of genealogy resources.

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