John and Sarah Thompson

While digging thru my old files, I came across this biography of my fourth great grandfather, John Thompson and his wife Sarah Iglehart. While I have yet to prove all of the details in the biography, it provides lots of information about their family.

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John and Sarah Thompson

John Thompson was born March 4, 1797, a native of Kentucky. At one time he was a major in militia company. Sarah Iglehart was born March 24, 1800 in Maryland and was raised n Kentucky, a slave state. When her father died he willed her a negro boy. She later returned him to his mother because of the treatment he received in Indiana. Sarah often danced as a little girl for her doting father. Sarah never spoke of her mother but talked often of her negro mammy.
John Thompson and Sarah Iglehart were married February 1, 1820. As pioneers they settled on a farm in Warrick county, Indiana. In 1844 they moved to Wapello County, Iowa and on to Adams County, Iowa in 1857.
John and Sarah were the parents of thirteen children, however, only 11 are named in the family Bible: 1. William T. Thompson born Dec 29, 1820, married Polly; 2. Jacob I Thompson born August 17, 1822, married Rhoda Evans; 3. Benjamin Franklin Thompson born March 12, 1824 – died 1875, married Catherine Black; 4. Levi I. Thompson born May 8, 1826 – died July 4, 1828; 5 Martha Jane Thompson born December 5, 1828 – died April 4, 1848, married Alexander Van Winkle; 6. Andrew J. Thompson born February 10, 1832, a bachelor; 7. Mary Elizabeth Thompson born April 7, 1834 – died 1917, married Henry Evans; 8. John Lowe Thomp-

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son born March 6, 1836 – died December 12, 1917, married Martha Ingersoll; 9. Francis Marion Thompson born April 16, 1838 died January 4, 1921, married Martha Schooling; and twins 10. James Allen Thompson born February 17, 1841 – died May 5, 1868, married Margaret Scott; 11. Sarah Ellen Thompson born February 17, 1841 – died July 16, 1844.
John Thompson died August 14, 1857 and was buried on the family farm. Sarah Thompson, his wife, died February 5, 1877 and was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery southeast of Mt. Etna, Iowa in Washington Township. At this time the body of her husband, John, was moved from the family plot on the farm to Forest Hill Cemetery.
Submitted by Milree Kessler, Irene Abbey, Neta Romer

Adams County History Book Committee, History of Adams County, Iowa 1984 (Corning, Iowa: Corning Departmental Club and Civic Department, 1984), p. 554-555.