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Thompson – Ingersoll

John Lowe Thompson was born March 6, 1836, eighth child of John and Sarah Iglehart Thompson, eight years after his parents came to Adams County from Indiana. He was a civil war veteran.
On June 22, 1871, he was married to Martha Maria Ingersoll, born March 21, 1852. She was the fourth child of James and Susan S. Ingersoll. One of her baby sisters died and was buried at the cemetery south of Mount Etna, knows as the Slide-Off
To the Ingersoll-Thompson union was born eight children: Vinnie Gay, Annis Bell, James Clifton, George Taylor, Charles Francis, Hattie Sylvia, Robert Lloyd, Ethel Elvereen (known as Elva). All but George and Elva spent most of their lives in Adams County.
John and Martha’s first home was north and east of Mount Etna where some of the children attended Washington Township School. They later moved to the place known as Ethel Thompson’s farm, now occupied by Steve Mullen and family. By the early 1900’s they had moved to Mount Etna in a house located across the street east of the Church of the Brethren.
John passed away December 9, 1917. Martha carried on, raising a large garden with her sons’ help. In her spare time she read the Bible and kept clothing mended.
In the 30’s this great-granddaughter remembers her spending much time listening to KFNF or KMA as she could no longer see well enough to read. At night she always carried her kerosene lamp and retired upstairs to bed. Great-Grandma wore ankle length dresses, usually two piece, and of dark colors, and usually an apron. She passed away May, 1936, at this home.
The couple is buried in the Mount Etna cemetery. Of their children. Jom and Charlie never married. Vinnie Gay married Cephas Davis, Annie Bell married Johnnie Sterns, George married Pearl Ward, Hattie Sylvia Fisher married Lote Hickman, Robert married Ruby Hickman Davis, Elva married Sam Gossard. By great-granddaughter, Virgene Williams.

Adams County History Book Committee, History of Adams County, Iowa 1984 (Corning, Iowa: Corning Departmental Club and Civic Department, 1984), page 555.

Also in this book are sections about some of their children:

  • Francis and Martha Thompson
  • Thompson Brothers