Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

It’s Saturday Night

time for Genealogy Fun

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music here) is to:

1) What is next on your genealogy “To Do” list? [Thank you to Linda Stufflebean for suggesting topics!]

Since my ‘to-do’ list is driven by my 2022 goals, I’m turning to that list of goals to answer this question. While I have completed the descendancy research on my goal list, I am still working on the narrative reports for the following individuals in my tree:

  • William Duggins (step-son of my ancestor, James Crawford)
  • William G. Harding
  • Henry Burke
  • Hiram M. Currey of Peoria, Illinois
  • James Barr Ralston
  • Zebulon Foster

While it will be fairly easy to update my records for most of these individuals, some of them are still unfinished because I need to get copies of deeds and possibly do more deed research. Thus, my to-do list includes trips to my local library to do that deed research.

As I’ve recently been working on the DUGGINS step-sons of my ancestor, James Crawford, I’m finding information on members of my CRAWFORD FAN club in Preble County, Ohio. That information is helping me ‘fine-tune’ the timeline for their arrival in Ohio.

With this knowledge, I want to go back thru the Barren County, Kentucky deeds to redo the search for the 50 acres of land on the Marrowbone attributed to Crawford, James Jr on the 1805 tax list.

One thought on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

  1. Linda Stufflebean

    I love your paper list of goals. I keep one, too! I also have noticed Curry/Currey as another shared surname in my husband’s tree, but don’t know if his line connects to yours.

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