Friday Finds

Another find in my HARDING files.

Early New Brunswick Probate Records, 1785-1835 by Hale, R. Wallace c1989

Parish of Maugerville, Sunbury Co. Will dated 10 February 1807,
proved 22 January 1808.
Already made provision in some considerable degree for some chil
dren. Son Valentine HARDING 5 pounds. Son Jonathan HARDING half
of Lot 22 in Maugerville. Son John HARDING the lot where I live, Lot
24, he to pay my daughter Elizabeth MILES 100 Guineas sterling.
Daughter Elizabeth MILES all livestock and all Negro slaves or
servants. Granddaughter Elizabeth Ann HARDING my household furni
ture. Grandson George Horatio Nelson HARDING my bay mare.
Elijah MILES, John Murray BLISS, and son Jonathan HARDING execu
tors. Witnesses: Joseph CLARKE, John HAZEN, Philip WILLIAMS.

HARDING, William
City of Saint John, St. John Co. Will dated 6 January 1818, proved
30 March 1818.
Wife Leah use of all property, except the tan yard, for life, but not
to dispose of any part. Son Thomas the tan yard and all the grounds
and appurtenances lying in Dukes Ward now in his possession, con
sisting of three lots fronting on Germain Street and a lot on the corner
of Queens and Germain Streets. Residue of estate, after the decease
of my wife, to my children, being seven in number, George, William,
Thomas. Nancy, Sarah. Mary and Elizabeth as tenants in common,
subject that daughter Sarah, being left a widow, shall have the house
and lot in Duke’s Street. Granddaughter Sarah Ann, daughter of my
son John, 100 pounds at age 18. Sons George HARDING, William
HARDING and Thomas HARDING executors. Witnesses: Henry
STENING, Christopher BURNETT. Charles J. PETERS.

Hale R. Wallace, Early New Brunswick Probate Records, 1785-1835 (Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, 1989), page 198 – Harding.