Saturday Tidbits

Nemaha County Men Leave for Camp

The Courier Tribune
Monday, January 6, 1941
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The United States is building for possible war but largely this has been a matter of registration, of steps being taken at other places, no great change close at hand.
But military preparedness struck home in Nemaha county Friday of last week, when Sabetha saw its Battery D. of the 130th field artillery leave by special train for a year’s training at Camp Joseph Robinson, near Little Rock, Arkansas. The battery includes many men from Nemaha County.
There was a large crowd at the station, the Sabetha band played martial music and there were tears as the train pulled out promptly at 10 o’clock, with the band playing the national anthem.
Bill Tennal of the Sabetha Herald took these photographs which by arrangement will be used in this newspaper and the Herald.
The photographs are identified as follows:
Top picture, Battery D boys as they stood around at the Rock Island station at 9:30 Friday morning awaiting orders to “fall in” preparatory to boarding the special train made up at Sabetha. They have regulation packs, empty pistol holsters.
The middle picture shows the boys after they had fallen in, heard a short talk by Mayor S. M. Hibbard, then had started to march onto the waiting Pullman cars. In the foreground with face turned towards the camera is First sergeant Virgil Lehnherr. Beside him with backs to the camera are Second Lieutenants Vernon Dilliplain and Clyde Bloxom. (Bloxom’s wife is a sister of Dale Ridgway, Seneca coach.)
In the lower picture, from the only two Pullman windows they were able to get open, four men wave farewell.
Not all of the battery went by train. Capt. J. W. Cavendar and Lieut. Ray Pittinger, with 22 men, took the battery’s nine trucks and two station wagons.