Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

 It’s Saturday Night – 

time for more Genealogy Fun! 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music here) is to:

1) The new school year has started in the Northern hemisphere, and for most children that means a new grade, a new teacher, and perhaps new friends.

2)  Tell us about some of your elementary school memories when you were a child.  What are your memories of starting school in a new year?  Who were your teachers?  How did you get to school?  Who were your best friends?  What subjects did you like best?  What extra-curricular activities did you participate in?  Make up your own questions if you’d like!

I was a member of the ‘First Class’ of Northwest Elementary School in Dodge City, Kansas.

Northwest School’s ‘First Class’ Has Moved Through Six Grades

Northwest School’s “First class” left the school this spring after six years there. Of course, it wasn’t really the school’s first class but it is the first which went all six years to Dodge City’ newest public elementary school.

And of course the entire sixth grade class, as it was late this May, had not gone all six years a that school — but 18 of the pupils had.

The children are James Bxx, Shirley Bxx, Terri Cxx, Marcia Cxx, Jan Cxx, Michael Dxx, Larry Dxx, Rebecca Exx, Ralph Exx Jr., Paul Fxx, Mari Hxx, John Hxx, Kenneth Mxx, Lindsay Mxx, Mia Sxx, Elaine Sxx, Terry Wxx, and Ben Zxx Jr.

(Note: surnames have been removed to protect the privacy of my classmates.)

clipping from the Dodge City Daily Globe

Since I moved away a year after this photo was taken, my memories of elementary school are vague. In terms of friends, Becky was one of my grade school friends who lived a couple of doors north of me before she moved out of our neighborhood. Other neighborhood friends included Dana, Margaret, and Shari. Shirley, Leigh, Mia and Elaine were members of my girl scout troop. Shirley’s mom was my piano teacher. I walked to junior high with Susan who moved in a couple of blocks to the East of us.

Birthday party picture

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  1. Linda Stufflebean

    I love your class photos. What great memories. Neither of my elementary schools ever took group or individual class pictures, which is a huge loss to the schools’ histories.

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