1812 Soldiers

While researching descendants of James Sellers and his wife, Mary Crawford, I came across the following newspaper article in the 27 July 1871 Greencastle Banner regarding veterans of the war of 1812. This paper is part of the Hoosier State Chronicles collection.

Soldiers of 1812 in Putnam County

The following list of the survivors of the war of 1812 residing in this county, is taken from the rolls of the Pension Agent at Indianapolis, through whom they draw their pensions:
Archibald Cooper, of Captain J. Brock’s Company, Tennessee Militia, Putnamville.
Joseph Denny, of captain Robert B. McAfee’s company, Kentucky Militia, Putnamville
Eliza Hill, of Capt. T. Metcalf’s company Kentucky Militia, Greencastle
Jacob McVay, of Capt. Benjamin Anderson’s company, Pennsylvania Militia, Groveland.
Jacob Pickle, of Capt. James Shelton’s company, Virginia Militia, Carpentersville.
John C. Sellers, of Capt. James Davidson’s company, Kentucky Militia, Putnamville.
John F. Sellers, of Capt. James Coleman’s company, Kentucky Militia, Greencastle
Jacob Snider, of Capt. Joseph Everet’s company, Tennessee Militia, Greencastle.
John Standeford, of Capt. J. Watkin’s company, Kentucky Militia, Greencastle
William Stokes, of Capt. John Crawford’s company, Kentucky Militia, Russellville.
There are a number in the county whose names do not appear on this list, among them Peter G. Applegate of this city. They are requested to send us their names.

“Soldiers of 1812 in Putnam County,” Greencastle Banner (Greencastle, Indiana), 27 July 1871, page 3; Digital images, Hoosier State Chronicles (newspaper.library.in.gov : viewed online 12 October 2022).

Another article in the April 14 1858 issue of the Greencastle Banner lists even more people who served in the War of 1812.

For the Putnam Republican Banner
The War of 1812
At a meeting of the surviving soldiers of the War of 1812, residing in Putnam County, held on the 27th day of March 1858, at Greencastle. Col. Alexander S. Farrow was called to the Chair and Joseph F. Farley was appointed Secretary.
Present: Joseph Denny, William Cooper, Elisha W. Fulton, Eli Brackney, Peter W. Applegate, Jessse Jones, John W. Jones, William Torr, Daniel Welker, George Black, Daniel Harrah, David Eller, Joseph Collier, Joseph F. Farley, Samuel taylor, John Standiford, Alexander S. Farrow, Hugh Reat, Isaac Mahan and William Atherton.
The object of the meeting being to ascertain the names of all the surviving soldiers of War of 1812, residing in Putnam County, the following names, in addition to those present as above, is believed to include the entire number:
Isaac Peck, Elijah Wilkinson, Elza Hill, Thomas Boswell, George Priest, John C. Wingate, John Allen, Eli Tarbutton, Charles Hunter, James Swinford, Lazarus Tilley, John C. Seller, Thomas Gilmore, Lenox M. Knight, Noah Harris, Thomas Lemon, John Cotton, Richard Bowen, James Shields, John F. Seller, Simpson Harris, Joseph Albin, John Reel, Henry Waln, Alexander Wilson, Jacob McVey, John F Gilky, William Stokes, William McElroy, Archibald Cooper, Robert Palmer, Henry Mills, George Justice, Alexander, Greenlee, Jacob Picket, Michael Moser, Thomas Tiffin, Robert Miller, James Torr, Scady Chandler, Daniel Chadd, Joseph Dunkin, William King, Joseph Lasley, James Gordon, Lewis Shell, John Boswell, Samuel Emerson and Wm. Aldridge.
Attest: A. S. Farrow, Chm’r
J. F. Farley, Sec’y

“The War of 1812,” Greencastle Banner (Greencastle, Indiana), 14 April 1858, page 2; Digital images, Hoosier State Chronicles (newspaper.library.in.gov : viewed online 12 October 2022).