Friday Find

Since I’ve been updating my SELLERS family research, I decided to see what I might have buried in my pre-Internet paper files. Included in my Kentucky research is a handwritten transcription from the book, Bourbon County, Kentucky Marriage Bonds 1785-1835 by Michael L. Cook.

Knowing that I likely could access the FamilySearch microfilm for Bourbon County, Kentucky, I decided to see what I could find in the original records. I started by using the Bourbon County Kentucky Index to Marriages. The ‘S’ Surnames start on image 306 and I found the Sellars surname on image 375.

image 375 of 605
Sellars Elizabeth & Snodgrass, William Vol 1 page 35
Sellars, Mary & Neal, Benjamin Vol 1 page 35
Sellars, Elizabeth & Wardlow, Samuel Vol. 2 page 10
Sellars, Jennie & Barlow, Enoch vol. 2 page 20
Sellars, Isaac & Brandon, Nancy vol. 2 page 20
Sellars, Sally & Snodgrass, Samuel Vol. 2 page 21
Sellars, Nelly & McCoy, Daniel Vol 2 page 30
Sellars, Margaret & Bell, John Vol 2 page 40
Sellers Rosetta Spencer & Scully Thos A vol. 5 page 231

Since the Bourbon County marriage books have been digitized, I then located the original records

Bourbon County Kentucky
Marriage Records, 1786-1930

Vols. 1-4 1788-1930
Film 183145 DGS 4542764

Image 24 of 343
Vol. 1 page 35

[Sept] [1797] 5th Benjamin Neal and Mary Sellars
[Dec] [1797] 7th William Snodgrass and Elizabeth Sellars

Image 48 – Typescript

Image 53 – start of Vol. 2

Image 62 – Vol. 2 page 10
Dec. 19th Samuel Wardlow to Elizabeth Sellers

Image 67 – Vol. 2 page 20 and 21
page 20
Feby 2 Isaac Sellers and Nancy Brandon
Sept 20 Enoch Barlor and Jenny Sellers

page 21
[Oct]r 22 Samuel Snodgrass and Sally Sellars

Image 72
page 30
Apr 16th Daniel McCoy to Nelly Sellers

Image 77
page 40
Sept. 4 John Bell and Margaret Sellars

Now that I’ve found the actual records, I need to figure out how these might fit with my research. I believe the following are daughters of Nathan Sellers who was living in Bourbon County, Kentucky before migrating to Preble County, Ohio.

  • Elizabeth Sellers – spouse of William Snodgrass
  • Margaret Sellers – spouse of John Bell
  • Mary Sellers – spouse of Benjamin Neal
  • Sarah Sellers – spouse of Samuel Snodgrass
  • Nellie Sellers – spouse of Daniel McCoy

That leaves the following:

According to the FamilySearch tree, the marriage record for Elizabeth Sellers may be an entry error. The tree has Samuel Wardlow’s wife identified as Elizabeth Nesbitt — and there are sources attached to support that surname. The Ancestry database, Kentucky County Marriage Records, 1783-1965 has an image of the marriage bond. This bond has the same marriage date as the Bourbon County KY marriage records but identifies the bride as Elizabeth Nesbitt.

While Samuel Wardlow and his wife Elizabeth likely don’t fit in my Sellers bush, all of the others connect to the various SELLERS families that connect to my CRAWFORD research. So, what started as reviewing old notes resulted in location of actual records.