Saturday Tidbits

Courier Tribune
February 1, 1940

Seneca Youth Seeks to Fly

To Enroll in Naval Training

The Navy department has approved the application of LeRoy Floyd Armstrong, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Armstrong, Seneca, for Naval Reserve flight training in the class commencing Feb. 15, it was announced today by the commanding officer of the Naval Reserve Aviation Base At Fairfax Airport, Kansas City, Mo.
He will report at the Kansas City base Feb. 15 for 30 day’s training which includes 10 hours of flight instruction. Upon successful completion of this course he will be ordered to the U.S. Naval Air Station at Pensacola, Florida where he will be given the complete course in flight training required of all Naval aviators. Upon completion of this course he will be commissioned an Ensign in the Naval Reserve and may be ordered to one of the aircraft squadrons of the fleet for active duty with full pay and allowances of his rank.
Applicants for this flight training curse, which convenes monthly, must have at least two years of university or college education and be a citizen of the United States between the ages of 20 and 27.
Men who take the course receive a substantial monthly salary during the entire period and a cash bonus of $500.00 upon the completion of four years’ duty.