Ancestry – FamilySearch Connection

Are you an avid Ancestry user? Have you noticed the film numbers that appear on some results?

If so, have you ever tried to locate the film on FamilySearch? Using the Catalog, one can search for the film number by clicking on the link to Film/Fiche/Image Group Number (DGS) to open the search box where the film number can be entered.

Thus a quick search for film 183076 pulls up the Marriage records, 1786-1930 for Bourbon County, Kentucky.

What may not be obvious is that the search takes one to the group of records that include the film number. Thus, one has to scroll down the page (or pages) to locate the actual desired film number).

In this example, the desired film has a search function. Thus, I don’t have to scroll thru the film to locate the record but can do a quick search and locate the record.

Clicking on the camera icon, opens an image of the marriage record — which is the same image found on Ancestry.

While my example shows the two databases leading to the same image, that isn’t always the case. Thus, taking the time to follow that film number lead may uncover additional information.

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