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Do you remember using message boards? At one time these boards on both and Ancestry were very active. While the boards are no longer active, one can still post to the boards on Ancestry. Since many genealogists have migrated to Facebook groups, these boards are not as useful for asking questions as they once were.

However, both boards contain a wealth of genealogy information and are still searchable. While digging into the early history of Kentucky, I remembered that a researcher had posted lots of information about the settlement of Kentucky on Ancestry’s message boards. Since I’m looking for information on Logan’s Fort, I decided to see if I could find those old posts.

Not only did I find several messages that will be helpful, but I found one that is a ‘table of contents’ to those messages!

Using Ancestry’s Message board, I found the following messages that will help me with my research of early Kentucky.

Knowing that the community on was also active, I decided to see what I could find in those messages about some of the Kentucky Forts and Stations

While the people and/or email addresses behind these messages may no longer be active, there is a wealth of information to be found in these old message boards.

3 thoughts on “Message Boards

  1. Marian Burk Wood

    Agree that the message boards were fantastic, in the days before social media. TY for a great reminder to check which are active.

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