Friday Find

Does your FAN club ever surprise you? Have you ever found a new connection between members of your FAN club? I’ve recently been paying more attention to Moses Dooley and his family since he is in the same locations as my James Crawford.

As I’m starting to seriously research Moses Dooley and his family, I discovered that his son, Abner was married to Nancy Douglass. And of course, Douglass is another surname in my Kentucky FAN Club. According to FamilySearch, Nancy is the daughter of George Douglass.

While we still lack proof, it is suspected that George Douglass had a sister, Rebekah who married John Crawford. Based on their marriage records, Rebekah Crawford is thought to be the mother of James Crawford (wife Martha Knight), Mary Crawford (husband James Sellers) and Sarah Crawford (husband William Sellers). If Rebekah is a sister to George Douglass, then Nancy Douglass Dooley would be a niece. That would also make Nancy Douglass Cooley a first cousin to James Crawford (wife Martha).

While George Douglass’ will does not mention siblings, it does identify his children, including Nancy Dooley. This establishes a connection between the DOUGLASS and the DOOLEY families in my Kentucky Fan Club.

Will of George Douglass

Image 334 – page 74
George Douglas Will

In the name of God, Amen. I George Douglass of the County of Barren
and State of Kentucky being in a weak and lonely state of health
and knowing the uncertainty of death, but in my usual state of
mind and memory do make and ordain this to be my last will
& testament in the words and manner following, to wit
I will devise and bequeth to my son Saml Douglass one negro
girl named Fenny to him and his heirs forever
I will devise and bequeath to my son William Douglass the
sum of four hundred dollars to be deducted out of the money he
justly owes me to him and his heirs forever.
I will devise and bequeth to my daughter Salley Shaw one
dollar in cash to her and her heirs forever.
My will [?crossout mark] desire also is that my Negro girl Emily and
my riding horse be sold and all my just debts collected and the
money arising from the same to be equally divided between six
legatees namely Mary Hill, Nancy Dooley, Betsy Bagby, Nathan
Douglass, William Douglass, & Saml Douglass to theirs and their
heirs forever and also will same equality between the heirs of my
son John Douglass decd and the heirs of my daughter Milly Newland
decd that is to say the heirs of my son John Douglass Desc all jointly
to have one equal share with each one of the before mentioned six legatees
and that one equal share to be equally divided among the said
heirs of John Douglass Decd and the heirs of my daughter Milly Newland
decd to have an equal share with the heirs of John Douglass Decd to
them and their heirs forever. I do hereby nominate constitute and
appoint Henry F Greenwood my executor tho this my last will & testament
Acknowledged Signed and
Sealed in presence of
John Fox, J.A. Rice, William Bell
George Douglass

Barren County, To Wit November Court 1820
The foregoing writing purporting to be the last will of George Douglass Decd
ws produced in Court & John Fox, Jonathan A Rice and William Bell subscribing
witnesses being sworn saith that the said writing was signed and delivered
by the said George Douglas as his will, and that they believe he was in
his proper sense and of a disposing mind and thereupon the said writing
was ordered to be recorded as the true last will of the said George Douglass
Test W. Logan Clk

Kentucky, Barren. Mixed Probate Records, Vols. 1-2 1799-1829. Film 209740 DGS 004818752. George Douglass, 1820; Book 2: page 74; digitized images, FamilySearch : viewed online 17 February 2020.