Day Off

Have you ever taken a day off of research to rearrange furniture? Well, I finally bit the bullet and took the day off to rearrange my office.

Since I worked in an office with no windows or outside light of any kind for the bulk of my career, I love being able to look outside while working at my computer. Until last winter, I didn’t have any problem with my computer facing south since we had a large tree that helped filter the sun. Unfortunately, a storm last December took that tree down. This caused me to have to keep my blinds closed during the winter because of the sun shining in my eyes.

Thus, for the past year, I’ve been contemplating how to rearrange my office so that my computer would face the East windows. I had measured all of the furniture and graphed it out but couldn’t figure out an arrangement to keep the filing cabinets and book cases while having the space for my computer table, the printer and scanners.

Today, with the help of my wonderful husband, we dismantled my office and rearranged the furniture. Now I can watch out the window while working at my computer without having the sun shine in my eyes. Not only do I have rearranged furniture, but in the process, everything got dusted and cleaned.

Now to get back to research tomorrow!

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