One Name Studies

Have you heard of the One Name Studies Project on WikiTree? I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of this aspect of WikiTree until I saw one of their tweets about the one name studies.

While I have little experience with WikiTree, the concept of collaborating to research a surname is very appealing to me — especially with the Crawford surname.

And, YES, there is a CRAWFORD project with 24 subcategories, 43 pages and 83 profiles.

Seeing subcategories for the various yDNA haplogroups immediately caught my attention. Since both of my brothers have donated their DNA for a Big Y test, I know our haplogroup along with the haplogroup for two of the other James Crawford lines in my files. Below is an image of the R1b-01A Ardmillan section of the Crawford yDNA project.

I was able to add the Crawford DNA Y-STR Group R1b category to my ancestor James Crawford’s profile.

By having the category on the profile, it added the profile to the list of ‘Person Profiles’ for the R1b group. This list of profiles also includes the James Crawford that married Rebecca Anderson (1758-1836) but does not include the James Crawford that married Martha Knight (1770-1833).

Most of the other ancestors in the R1b-01A group in the Crawford yDNA project are also missing from this list of profiles. Since the yDNA project is publicly available, I tried to add the haplogroup, especially for my ancestor. However, the only person who can add that data is the person who donated the DNA. Thus, it is difficult to integrate all of this yDNA data from the CRAWFORD project into the WikiTree one name study.

While I haven’t checked for all of my surnames, browsing the list I saw a page for BUCKLES but not one for Broyles (or Broils or Briles). I also searched to find one for CURRY.

These One Name Studies could help break down brick walls. Go to the WikiTree Category: One Name Studies to see if any of your surnames are on the list!