Crawford Bible

Do you have Bible records in your files? Are you excited when you run across mention of a family Bible? I was excited when I found a family story attached to William Crawford (1748-1809) that indicates it is from a family Bible.

The person who posted the story indicates the transcription came from a post on

Thus, I tried to find the original post and what I hoped to be the Bible record. My initial searches were not successful. However, after looking carefully at the story, I realized that it was the combination of two different posts. The second part of the story provided the subject of the post.

Using the subject, I was able to locate the post.

Reading that post helped me realize that the information was not from a Bible record but from someone’s research.

Since I couldn’t find the first part of the story in the forum, I tried to see if Google would help. And, I found the Bible information, including images, in a 1979 issue of The Arkansas Family Historian!

The Arkansas Family Historian
Volume 17, No. 3
July/Aug/Sept 1979

page 183
Crawford / Francis / Zachray query by Ina D. (Ashton) Breitenbach

Ina D. (Ashton) Breitenbach, P.O. Box 1417, Placerville, CA
95667 – By oral tradition, 1 understand the CRAWFORDS descended
from the James CRAWFORD family, Union Co., North Carolina,
migrated through Kentucky to South East Missouri, on to Ark.,
and to Texas.
James CRAWFORD’S son William was born about 1750, William’s
son Robert H. CRAWFORD was born in 1783.

Robert H. CRAWFORD married Elizabeth FRANCIS of Kentucky in 1809. Robert H. CRAWFORD and Elizabeth had three sons,
John Francis CRAWFORD, b. 1810, Missouri;
James and

Robert H. did not have any daughters.

John Francis CRAWFORD married Almira ZACHRAY in 1837. Almira ZACHRAY was the daughter of Caleb ZACHRAY of Davidson Co., TN. Caleb ZACHRAY was in the War of 1812, (National Archive.
does not have a file on Caleb ZACHRAY). 1 have two verifications of Caleb
ZACHRAY’S service.
If anyone is working on the above families, I will appreciate sharing information. (Watch out for the spelling of ZACHRAY as it is spelled incorrectly many times).

My Great grandfather, John Francis CRAWFORD misspelled ZACHRAY on the
Bible Record.
The records I have from Tennessee are misspelled on the Census sheet.
In the book entitled “Pioneers of Davidson County, Tennessee” ZACHRAY
is spelled correctly, also 1 have a list of 1812 veterans from the D.A.R.
in Washington, D. C. and the name is spelled correctly

Bible Images followed query

Layfayette Crawford [?] October 14th 1838
B. A. Crawford was born January 21st 1840
E. F. Crawford was born July 31st 1842
A. J. and A. N. Crawford was born December 26th A.D. 1844
Robert H. Crawford was born December 31st A.D. 1846
Malinda F. Crawford February 28th 1849
Marie Antoinette Crawford was born October 25th A.D. 1850
William [H.] Crawford was born December 1[8]th AD 1853

Births Column 2
Sarah Ann Crawford was born December 16th AD 1853
Eugein[ar] Crawford was born December 21st AD 185[5]
Sophronia Belle Crawford was born December 23rd 185[9]
John F. Crawford was born September 5th 1864

page 184
Crawford Bible Records (con’t page 2)

J. F. Crawford was born May 24th AD 1810
and was married
August 1st A.D. 1837
and died April
the 8 1893

Almira[s] Zachry was
bron October 25th AD 1818
and was married
August 1st A.D. 1837
Almira Crawford
January 2[3] A.D. 1873

While some of the information in the story is similar to a family tree, it was worth the time to locate the images from the Bible. Now to just prove that this line connects to my Garrard County, KY Crawford families.