Saturday Tidbits

Santa Again Brings Joy

Courier Tribune (Seneca, KS)
22 Dec 1941
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Throngs in Seneca Last Saturday

Were it not for the calendar which shows that Thursday is Christmas, boys and girls could scarcely believe that important date is so near. It was as pleasant and warm out in the open Saturday as on a September day.

But there was another proof Saturday that Christmas is just around the corner. That proof was none other than Santa Claus himself, here for his second personal appearance. Now there remains the visit that he makes on Christmas Eve when boys and girls are asleep.

Saturday was a happy day in Seneca. People are more or less getting over the first strain of war days and with the pleasant day, they thronged the streets and the stores, getting in here and there, old-time visiting. For the youngsters, there was a program at the city hall, attended by another fine crowd; the thrill of seeing Santa Claus, the thrill of a nice package of candy for each.

The program was presented by Sts. Peter and Paul school, Seneca.

Santa has had many helpers this year beside his sponsors. To mention a few, the wives of councilmen; a group of girls from each school; city police; Charlie Rucker and others from the fire department.