Saturday Tidbits

Courier Tribune
26 Sep 1940
page 3 (last column)

Lieut. Russell Buehler made a short visit here this week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Buehler. Russell is a Seneca boy who is on the ground floor of military training. HE attended Kansas State college, Manhattan, which requires two years of military training with another two years optional. Russell took all four years of military training in addition to his regular college engineering course. He continued with the reserve work and the past months have found him in the east, in turn giving artillery training to other young men. He was first at Fort Hancock, New Jersey, then he was sent on detached service to FOrt Wadsworth, Staten Island, New York, some of his time being spent at Miller field. Now he is being transferred to the Panama canal zone, expects to be there two years. Russel like the army. He believes that most of the conscripts and national guard units will be given their year’s training in the south. Besides doing away with much of the problem of winter heating., the south provides more months when men can be shaped into soldiers, by training in the field. Lieutenant Buehler who arrived at Seneca Monday, left for New York again last night, to sail from there October 1 for Panama.