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Have you ever observed a feature on someone else’s tree or portion of a shared tree that you think would enhance your work? While checking WikiTree to see if it had a surname for the spouse of Nathaniel Sellers (abt 1720-abt 1789) I noticed a link to his profile on FamilySearch.

Such a link would allow me to click to compare what other researchers have compiled for an individual as well as to see what sources or memories have been added. Thus, I want to learn how to add this link!

And like a ‘dummy’, I started looking around for an ‘edit’ button to the RESEARCH area and then searched Help when I could not find the ability to edit. If I would have just clicked on the [more info] link, I would have found the answer much quicker since the link takes me to the help page.

While the help page explains the process, it is the App that is used to create the link. Opening the app in a new tab takes me to a page to login to both WikiTree and FamilySearch.

Once logged in, my WikiTree Watch List loads showing possible matches to the FamilySearch tree.

While I could flip back and forth between the FamilySearch tree and the app to verify the connection, I am going to use my RootsMagic file to compare the FS IDs. I can do this since I’ve previously linked a person in my RM file to a profile on the FS tree. However, I need to change my settings in RM to display the FS ID.

I normally have the RM settings set to display the RIN.

For this task, I can change the settings for the ‘Number to display’ to the FamilySearch ID (FSID).

When I switch to the pedigree view, I can see the FamilySearch ID for each person I have previously linked to the FS tree.

So, for the first person on my Watch List, Bernice (Crawford) Allen, I can compare my RootsMagic person to the proposed match.

Since the vital information and the FS ID match, I can click on the ‘Create Match’ button.

Clicking on the ‘Link in FamilySearch’ link opens a tab to add a source to the FamilySearch tree with a link back to the WikiTree profile.

After saving, clicking on the name opens a column to the right displaying the details for Bernice on the FS Tree. From here, I opened her profile and switched to sources. I normally view sources sorted chronologically which placed the WikiTree link at the bottom of the other sources for Bernice. To create images for this blog post, I switched the order to CUSTOM which allowed the source to come to the top. of the list.

When I clicked on the source, it expanded to show the web link and the information I entered in the app to create the source.

Going back to the app, the next step is to “Update Wikitree” This opened a tab with several sections to the screen. The top section compares the vital information between the WikiTree profile and the FamilySearch profile (External Data). The third column is the data that will ‘survive’ when the match update is completed. This would allow me to compare conflicting information and select which piece of information should be used in the WikiTree profile. Since the two profiles for Bernice Crawford are in agreement, I am leaving the blue check marks next to the WikiTree data.

The next section displays the changes to the ‘biography’ section of the WikiTree profile in a yellow box. Below that is a white box where I can edit those proposed changes.

In this example, the app is adding the information from FS at the end of what I already have entered. The facts are being entered as a bulleted list with the link to the FS tree following as a Source. While one might be able to accept these proposed edits on a biography, I won’t be able to just accept those changes for most of the profiles that I have updated.

When I first looked at the proposed changes, I have to admit to a little confusion. However, I realized that the statement numbered 15 is actually one of the sources I had added to her biography. The next line that starts with an asterisk is where the app starts proposing changes. Since these facts are for census records and burial information, I simply need to check the biography to see whether I have already included that information.

I can also check the formatting I used for the source to verify that I used a numbered list.

Since I already have the proposed facts included in the biography, I am going to remove those changes.

Since the ==Sources== line will place a second instance of the word in the biography, I could also remove it along with the extra spacing. That would place the *”FamilyTree” source at the bottom of my list. Since I’m not using the FS tree to validate any of the information in the biography, I’m going to change ‘==Sources==’ to ‘====FamilySearch Tree====’. [Additional = signs affect the size of font and match what was used for ‘Sources’ above.

After saving the changes, the link to the FS profile is added to the Research section of Bernice’s profile.

And the FamilySearch Tree ‘source’ appears at the bottom of my list of sources.

This process will be slow! However, I think it will be very useful. Thus, I will start with my ancestors and slowly work thru the profiles of their descendants that I manage.

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  1. Thank you for your presentation. I started with WikiTree in June 2021 and quickly learned it has a lot of “moving parts” with a very steep learning curve. Right now I am at the beginner stage and some of the Help articles on the WikiTree website are more confusing than clarifying. Your step-by-step (with pictures) explanation of the FamilySearch link is easy to understand and follow. This article/post is going in my WikiTree resources file.

  2. This is so helpful. I think wikitree advertise a page to link to your walkthroughs . Have you created a wikitree page that links blog titles of yours and links to your walkthroughs?

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