Saturday Tidbits

Courier Tribune
21 Oct 1940
page 3 (column 2)

Mr. and Mrs. George Ross of Seneca, and their son, Wilfrid,, who is in the army service, stationed at Fort Riley, were guests at two events at Manhattan Saturday in recognition of Mrs. Ross talent as an author. Mr. and Mrs. Ross first went to Fort Riley for Wilfrid, who had week-end leave. In the afternoon they attended a tea for members of the Fourth District Author’s club and those who had contributed to the Kansas Magazine, given at the home of Prof. and Mrs. R. I. Thackrey, Manhattan. Thackrey is editor of the Kansas magazine and head of the state college department of journalism. They attended a Kansas Magazine dinner in the evening at which Charles L. Marshall, president of the Kansas State Federation of Art and Ross Taylor of the University of Wichita were speakers. The Ross family remained at Manhattan Saturday night and took Wilfrid back to Fort Riley yesterday. He likes the service.