Nelson G. Crawford

One of my January blog posts was about how I was finding issues in my family tree that was causing me to go back over some of my research. While I listed several issues, a faithful reader provided another reason in a comment:

new records now available online

While working with ‘suggestions’ on WikiTree, I found that I had a source tied to my great-great grandmother’s birth without any notes or images to verify that the source contained information for her birth. In addition, the footnote for the source was not very informative.

Thankfully, this book is available online via FamilySearch. Thus, I was able to access the book to create a better source citation, transcribe the entry and save images to my computer.

With RootsMagic 8, I was also able to merge my new source with the older incomplete source. Thus, all of the citations for this biography were also updated.

Nelson G. Crawford

page 274

Nelson G. Crawford, postmaster of Dodge city, was born in West Lebanon, Indiana, October 29, 1881, son of W. Marion and Mary (Foster) Crawford. The father was born in Indiana and devoted his entire life to farming. He died at Dodge City in September [1?]. The mother who was active in church work, was born in Warren County, Indiana, August 26, 1842, and [?] at Dodge City, January 21, 1929.
Educated first in the public schools of Dodge City, Nelson G. Crawford attended Dodge City High School four years, until 1899. In the summer of 1900 he [en]tered postal service at Dodge City, being designated [the] assistant postmaster in May, 1901.
With the exception of about two months, May and June 1906, Mr. Crawford has been in the postal [ser]vice ate Dodge City, as assistant postmaster until [his] appointment as postmaster on February 4, 1938. [He] was re-appointed on February 5, 1932. Mr. Crawford [was] a Republican.
On July 7, 1907, he was married to Cora B. Adams at Dodge City. She was born at Salem, Indiana, [daugh]

page 275
ter of John G. and Surrilda (Adams) Adams. Before her marriage she was employed y a mercantile firm at Dodge City.
Mr. Crawford is a member of the National Association of Postmasters, the Service Postmasters Association, the Chamber of Commerce, the Kiwanis Club (president, 1925; district trustee, 1928), and St. Bernard Lodge No. 222 of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, the Royal Arch Masons, the Royal and Select Masters (past commander), the Knights Templar and Midian Temple of the Shrine at Wichita. HI religious affiliation is with the Methodist Episcopal Church. His club is the Dodge City Country Club. (Photograph in Album).
Residence: Dodge City

Sarah Mullin Baldwin, editor, Illustriana Kansas: biographical sketches of Kansas men and women of achievement who have been awarded life membership in Kansas illustriana society (Hebron, Nebraska: Illustriana Incorporated, 2933), pages 274-275, 1289; digital images, FamilySearch, viewed online 30 January 2023.

Thankfully, these digital resources are available. Without them, I would not have been able to access this book from home.