Random Hint

Have you ever seen someone else share something they found in their research on social media and then wonder whether your ancestor is in that source? That’s what happened to me when a member of the Clan Crawford Association Ancestry and DNA Research group shared an article she found for Moses Crawford in an Indiana newspaper.

While I enjoyed reading about Moses Crawford and his move from Tennessee to Indiana, it was the source of digital newspaper that caught my attention. This article was found in the Danville Hendricks County Union on Newspaper Archive. Being unaware that Newspaper Archive had digital images of early Indiana papers, I decided to see what I could find for my Crawford family in Warren County.

That’s when I found several articles in the Williamsport Warren Republican for my ancestor, Nelson G. Crawford. Even though I haven’t found the obituary for Nelson or his wife, Martha in this paper, I did find a few items that add to Nelson’s story.


Apparently, Nelson Crawford got behind on paying the taxes on his land since he appears on a ‘delinquent tax list’ for Prairie Township in Warren County, Indiana.

State of Indiana
Warren County

Prairie Township, Concluded

I, Isaacs Jones, County Auditor of said County, Certify that the foregoing is a true, full and correct List of the Lands and Town Lots, Returned and Remaining Delinquent for Non-Payment of Taxes due theron for year A.D. 1857, that they are described the same that they are on the Tax Duplicate that they are severally charged with the amount of Delinquent Taxes with interest and a penalty of ten per centum on such Taxes and also with the Taxes of the current year A. D. 1858, and that said List was recorded in my Office, between the 1st and 15th, Days of November A.D. 1858.
In witness of which I have hereunto set my name and affixed the Seal of the Board of County Commissioners at Williamsport this 10th day of November A.D. 1858.
Isaac S. Jones, County Auditor

Crawford Nelson G
No. Delinquencies 2866
whf seqr 30-23-9
ehf swqr 30-23-9
neqr seqr 30-23-9
nwqr swqr 30-23-9
seqr seqr 30-23-9
swqr swqr 30-23-9
236.94 acres
value of lands: $946
Total value of taxables $945
Amount of delinquent tax, penalty and interest $1091
Amount of tax for the current year $964
Cost of advertising do
Total amount of taxes due $2130

“Prairie Township, Concluded,” Williamsport Warren Republican (Williamsport, Indiana), 18 November 1858, page 3; digital image, Newspaper Archive (www,newspaperarchive.com : viewed online 29 January 2023).


Then in 1864, there is a notice for the appointment of an executor for his estate.

Notice of Appointment
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed executor of the last will of Nelson G. Crawford, late of Warren County, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent.
John C. Lincoln
June 29, 1864 w4-pd

“Notice of Appointment,” Williamsport Warren Republican (Williamsport, Indiana), 4 August 1864, page 2; digital image, Newspaper Archive (www,newspaperarchive.com : viewed online 29 January 2023).

In July, 1864, his personal property was sold at auction in an executor’s sale.

Executor’s Sale
Notice is hereby given that I will sell at public auction on
Saturday, July 30th, 1864
at the residence of Nelson G. Crawford, late of Warren County, Indiana, deceased all his personal property, consisting of hogs, cattle, horses, wagons, Buggies — one and two horse –harness, one-half of mowing machine, farming utensils, &c.
A credit of nine months will be given on all sums over three dollars, the purchases, giving note, with approved security, waiving valuation and appraisement laws. All sums of three dollars and under cash in hand.
John C. Lincoln
June 29, 1864 w4-pd

“Executor’s Sale,” Williamsport Warren Republican (Williamsport, Indiana), 21 July 1864, page 3; digital image, Newspaper Archive (www,newspaperarchive.com : viewed online 29 January 2022).

Then in June 1868, his land was sold at a Commissioner’s Sale of Real Estate.

Commissioner’s Sale of Real Estate
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Commissioner by order of the Warren Circuit Court, at April term 1868, will on and after
Saturday the 13th day of June 1868
offer at private sale at his office in Williamsport, Indiana, the following described real estate lying and being in Warren County, Indiana belonging to the widow and heirs of Nelson G. Crawford, deceased, to-wit:
The north west quarter of section eight (8) township twenty-one (21) north of range eight (8) west containing one hundred and sixty (160) acres more or less.
Also the east half of the north east quarter of section seven (7) township twenty-one (21) range eight (8) west containing eighty (880) acres more or less. Also, 32 acres of land, being the north east quarter of the southwest quarter of section eight (8) township twenty one (21) range eight (8) west, except 8 acres out of the south east corner of said quarter section.
Terms of Sale — said lands will be sold to the highest and best bidder for not less that their appraised value, one half o the purchase money to be paid down cash in hand and the remainder to be paid in twelve months the purchaser to execute his note bearing interest from date, waiving valuation and appraisement laws, and with surety to be approved by said Commissioner, the purchaser to receive a certificate of purchase entitleing him to a deed for said premises, upon full payment, under order of the court.
Levin T. Miller, Com’r
May 14, 1863 pf $12,50

“Commissioner’s Sale of Real Estate,” Williamsport Warren Republican (Williamsport, Indiana), 28 May 1868, page 3; digital image, Newspaper Archive (www,newspaperarchive.com : viewed online 29 January 2023).

This one small post on Facebook was the prompt that led me to discovering these additional details for Nelson G. Crawford. Thus, I’m glad I followed this ‘hint’ to search Newspaper Archive.