Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! Do you have any special memories of Valentine’s Day?

My special memory is from 50 years ago. It was Valentine’s evening when my husband proposed to me. We were both juniors at Kansas State Teachers College, majoring in physical science education. We were married just after graduation 49 years ago this coming May.

Curious about what valentine’s day events are in my genealogy file, I used the ‘On This Day List’ report in RootsMagic 8 to create a report.

Below is the list of Valentine’s Day events in my file.

Family Events — On This Day — February 14

1658 – Birth: Lamrock Flower-19575, Chewton Mendip, Somerset, England

1665 – Birth: Lydia Hewett Smith-19576, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, British Colonial America

1667 – Christen: Martje Roelofse Schenck-19485, Flatlands, Kings, Colony of New York, British Colonial America

1667 – Birth: Martje Roelofse Schenck-19485, New Amersfort, , Kings, New York, British America

1717 – Birth: Hephzibah Peabody-19200, Boxford, Essex, Mass

1744 – Death: Charles Cheney-19834, Anne Arundel, Colony of Maryland, British Colonial America

1746 – Birth: James S Dooley-13318, Bedford City, Bedford, Virginia, United States

1763 – Birth: Robert D. Gordon-14972, Virginia, United States

1765 – Death: Benjamin Fiske-19363, Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts Bay Colony, British Colonial America

1765 – Death: Benjamin Fisk-19361, Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, British Colonial America

1770 – Birth: Nancy Elizabeth Crawford-8506, Augusta, Virginia, United States

1795 – Will: Samuel Crawford-8383, Augusta, Virginia, United States

1798 – Marriage: Benjamin Foster-775 and Catherine Prather-797, Allegany, Maryland, United States

1802 – Birth: George Judd Hammond-824, Bolton, Tolland, Connecticut, United States

1809 – Birth: Nathaniel Manton Nelson Hammond-792, Bolton, Tolland, Connecticut, United States

1816 – Birth: Basil Prather Foster-882, Franklin, Ohio, United States

1828 – Marriage: Joshua Crawford-8531 and Mary Howard-12324, Fleming, Kentucky, United States

1828 – Birth: Girard Robinson Ricketts-4003, Front Royal, Warren, Virginia, United States

1830 – Birth: Louisa J. Seller-8211,

1833 – Marriage: Zebulon Foster-214 and Caroline Ostrander-215, Pike, Ohio, United States

1843 – Death: Jesse Bland-14425, Saline, Saline, Arkansas, United States

1847 – Birth: Jonathan Crawford-15080, Between Otter (North Fork) Creek and Macoupin Creek, Macoupin, Illinois, United States

1850 – Birth: Margaret E Clippard-14507, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States

1853 – Death: Robert Ricketts-3233, Ohio, Indiana, United States

1855 – Burial: Christy-17901, Tipton, Indiana, United States

1855 – Death: Christy-17901, Tipton, Indiana, United States

1858 – Marriage: Henry Thompson-12558 and Angervin Myrick-12559, Warrick, Indiana, United States

1859 – Birth: Charles Walter Johnson-9718,

1859 – Birth: Viola Cordelia Eyestone-15871, Lexington, Washington, Iowa, United States

1859 – Marriage: [Unknown] [Unknown]-0 and Enoch Buchanan-3604,

1860 – Birth: John William Clippard-14503, Oak Ridge, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States

1863 – Birth: Oliver Asberry Gallatin-21567, Springhill, Livingston, Missouri, United States

1865 – Birth: Conrad C. Funk-20289, Illinois, United States

1865 – Birth: David Harvey Young-3371, Lexington, Washington, Iowa, United States

1865 – Birth: Sterling P. Currie-1346,

1867 – Birth: Howard Burrel Gardner-15864, near Lexington, Iowa

1867 – Death: Mary Buckles-5749, Berlin, Clinton County, Indiana

1868 – Birth: Viola Ann Chapman-14262, Indiana, United States

1868 – Death: Holland Briles-2380, Randolph, North Carolina, United States

1870 – Death: Priscilla Buckles-6815, St. Joseph, Indiana, United States

1870 – Birth: John William Young-3375, Johnson, Kansas, United States

1872 – Marriage: Hugh McCain Briles-2458 and Eunice Farlow-2473, Randolph, North Carolina, United States

1874 – Death: William Coke Foster-856, Ohio, United States

1875 – Death: Roxana King Jones-21675, Akron, Summit, Ohio, United States

1875 – Birth: Nancy Murrah Crawford-14306, Palmer, Ellis, Texas, United States

1876 – Birth: Lewis A. Kent-3743, Eureka, Woodford, Illinois, United States

1877 – Birth: Adeline Elizabeth Marcellus-21387, Ontario, Canada

1884 – Death: Abraham Hawk-18230, Busseron, Knox, Indiana, United States

1884 – Marriage: Clemuel W. Ricketts-2742 and Ella Cooper-2830, Clinton, Indiana, United States

1884 – Birth: Orion Clyde Watson-9138, North Dakota, United States

1885 – Burial: Frank Currey-5278, Leavenworth, Leavenworth, Kansas, United States

1885 – Death: Frank Currey-5278, Leavenworth, Kansas, United States

1888 – Death: George Donnell Crawford-12017, Palmyra, Macoupin, Illinois, United States

1893 – Birth: Dot Elma Ward-15647, Silver City, Owyhee, Idaho, United States

1895 – Death: Andrew Jackson Reed-22656, Jacksonville, Morgan, Illinois, United States

1898 – Birth: Opal Bogan-3106, Clinton, Indiana, United States

1900 – Birth: Mary Lillian Harrison-3424, Rush, Indiana, United States

1901 – Burial: Harvey Tague-16880, Hebron Cemetery, Jefferson ,Indiana, United States

1904 – Birth: Ethel Dorinda Hadley-15351, Union Gap, Yakima, Washington, United States

1905 – Burial: Martha Crawford-17272, Petersburg, Menard, Illinois, United States

1905 – Birth: Wade Myron Dawson-1099, Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, United States

1907 – Marriage: Marian J Ashmore-12764 and Louise K Goudy-10817, Adams, Nebraska, United States

1909 – Birth: Frances Briles-7586, Kansas, United States

1911 – Birth: Darwin Stanley Whetstine-18580, Colorado, United States

1911 – Birth: Margaret Blythe-11097, Windsor, Shelby, Illinois, United States

1912 – Birth: Arthur Frederick Ostertag-21383, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States

1915 – Birth: Angela Ruth Ricketts-3861,

1917 – Death: Mack Brown-8178,

1921 – Burial: Sarah Clementine Lee-1624, Lakeview, Lake, Oregon, United States

1921 – Death: Sarah Clementine Lee-1624, Lake, Oregon, United States

1922 – Birth: Emily Jane Morris-15193, Vermilion, Illinois, United States

1922 – Burial: Jennie Clarissa Gaines-1376, La Grande, Union, Oregon, United States

1927 – Death: Mary E. Kirkpatrick-599, Gentry, Missouri, United States

1931 – Death: Isaac Elmer Ricketts-4195, Utahville, Clearfield, Pennsylvania, United States

1938 – Death: Edwin Albright Crawford-22693, Granville, North Carolina, United States

1942 – Draft: James Victor Wells-12096, San Diego, California, United States

1942 – Draft: Wells M Wait-21760, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

1942 – Draft: Glen Elmer Marts-6497, Los Angeles, California, United States

1942 – Draft: Howard Ray Lighter-18893, Costa Mesa, Orange, California, United States

1942 – Draft: Forrest Dale Wells-1758, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

1942 – Death: Ray Gillis Hutchinson-530, Contra Costa, California, United States

1946 – Burial: Guy Thomas Hutchinson-526, Saint Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri, United States

1947 – Death: Sarah Ann Burke-11825, Yale, Payne, Oklahoma, United States

1954 – Burial: William Edward Harding-689, Rulo, Richardson, Nebraska, United States

1971 – Death: Homer Ervin Hadley-15355, Sacramento, California, United States