Error Check

Have you ever attached the wrong Find A Grave record to someone in your tree? If so, did you realize your mistake right away? Well, I must have done just that without realizing my mistake!

With almost 3000 citations for Find A Grave records, such an error could be buried in my file for a very long time. Fortunately, WikiTree suggestions found my error!

For my great uncle, Hugh Crawford, I had two different Find A Grave memorials cited. After updating his biography on WikiTree, the Suggestions feature found the duplicate sourcing and left me an ‘Error 575: FindAGrave’ suggestion.

When I first read this suggestion, I assumed that I either had an incorrect birth date or that sources disagreed about the birth date. It was only after checking the sourcing for the birth fact did I realize that I had cited two different Find A Grave records. Thus, both of those citations were listed as sources on the WikiTree profile.

Once aware of the issue, I deleted the wrong citation from the WikiTree biography and from my RootsMagic file. That allowed me to update the status of the WikiTree suggestion to indicate that I corrected it.

Thank you WikiTree community for creating this data check and prompting me to review my data.