Miscellaneous Records

Have you visited a Register of Deeds office? If so, did they have Miscellaneous Records books? My first experience with Miscellaneous Records was in the Ford County office. And those books contain a wealth of information ranging from military discharge papers to affidavits confirming someone’s identity.

When it comes to my Crawford research in Dodge City, those affidavits help confirm identities, especially when initials were often used.

Affidavit of H. B. Bell
Sworn 5 Nov 1918
filed 15 Jan 1929

he was well acquainted with Abraham L. Crawford patentee of lots 3 and 4 and S1/2 NW 1/4 S3 Twp 27 R25 Ford County Kansas filed 6 Dec 1894 Recorded Vol. C page 12.
A. L. Crawford gave mortgage on above lands
That the said Abraham L. Crawford and A. L. Crawford are identical.

Ford County Kansas, Deeds, Miscellaneous Book J page 222; H. B. Bell, 5 November 1918; Register of Deeds, Dodge City Kansas.

Affidavit of H. B. Bell
Sworn 18 Jan 1929
Filed 18 Jan 1929

that for 35 or 40 yrs was personally acquainted with James H. Crawford of Dodge City, who is named as grantee of George W. Reighard in a W.D. dated 22 Aug 1883 recorded Vol D page 151

further states that James H. Crawford was a large property owner in Dodge City, Kansas especially as to property south of the Arkansas River

said James H. Crawford frequently executed deeds as J.H. Crawford

further states that during the residence of said Crawford in Dodge CIty and in the month of June, 1908, when he died, there was no other J.H. or James H. Crawford and J. H. Crawford appear in the records of Register of Deeds of Ford County Kansas or in any other public record of Ford County with relation to any property whatsoever in Dodge City that the said names apply and refer to one and the same person, to-wit: James H. Crawford

Ford County Kansas, Deeds, Miscellaneous Book J page 224; H. B. Bell, 18 January 1929; Register of Deeds, Dodge City Kansas.

Affidavit of Warren V Brown
Sworn 26 Jan 1948
Filed 27 Jan 1948

acquainted with William N. Crawford named as grantee in WD executed by James H Crawford and E J Crawford his wife Aug. 20, 1888 recorded Vol 6 p 197
… and also with W. N. Crawford who with his wife Katie is named as grantor Vol 36 p541
… that he knows that William N. Crawford and W. N. Crawford are one and the same
… acquainted with John E Crawford named as grantee QCD 27 Aug 1907 vol. 1 p 182
… and with J. E. Crawford grantor QCD 26 Jan 1909 vol 1 p348
… that John E Crawford and J. E. Crawford are one and the same.

Ford County Kansas, Deeds, Miscellaneous Book 1 page 503; Affidavit of Warren V Brown, 26 January 1948; Register of Deeds, Dodge City Kansas.

While the use of miscellaneous records may vary from county to county, they are a source worth investigating.