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Mildred (Briles) Barby notes about Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Briles

Mr & Mrs Nathan Briles

Susan Belle Hatler married May 27, 1881, at LeRoy, Kans.
Nathan born ot Branson & Dorcus Briles May 29, 1864 in Randolph Co. N.C. (Must have been born in Kans.)
came to Kan. 1856 ?? His parents Branson & Dorcus came 1856 to Kans.
There is a mistake in the genealogy records.

Susan and Nathan were ordained ministers
Nathan orgained in 1919 Sept. 3
Susan ordained in 1923 at Clinton, Okla. Feb 17th

I can’t remember my Grandfather Nathan, but I do my Grandmother Susan. She was a Goldy woman and influenced my life, other grandchildren, neighbors & friends.
She died at age 78 yr after preaching her last sermon at Lamar, Col. Aug 24, 1944. She made the statement that she may go to to meet her Lord there in the meeting After her sermon, she left the rostrum, sat down, her head fell to one side — She had a stroke and died a few days later. The Southside Church of God was established during the latter years of 1920’s. She gave most of her money for the purchase of it, also preached one year without pay until they could afford a full time minister.
Her father, G. W. Hatler was a Methodist minister, teacher, Civil War Vet and at one time mayer of Baldwin, Kans. They lived at LeRoy, Kans. at one time.
Near Altoona he established the Hatler school, deed the Hatler Cemetery. His wife (Susan’s mother) was the first buried there 1870. Susan and her sister, Lou, were very young at the time.