Bland Letter

Have you ever clicked on an Ancestry Story hint to find that it circles back to your own research? That is what happened while going thru hints for Osborn Bland. When I clicked on the Indian Story, it took me to a ‘story’ that contains a link to my old website.

Fortunately, I have all of the files for that website and can ‘reproduce’ it below:

This is a photocopy of a letter from Robert L. Bland of Weston, West Virginia to Judge W. T. Bland of Kansas City, Missouri. The letter is dated July 1911. The body of the letter concerns the BLAND family in England.

At the end of the letter is a note addressed to Mrs. Lillie Brown of St. Joseph, Missouri. This note gives some information on the BLAND family in Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri.

July 1st, 1911.
Robert L. Bland Attorney and counsellor at law, Weston, West Virginia.
Judge W.T. Bland,
Kansas City Mo

Dear Will;

Referring futher to your letter of June 24th,and the letter addressed to you by Hon. James H. H ull,under date of June 23rd.
I beg to suggest that I do-not incline to look with favor upon the suggestion that there is an estate in Germany ,in which the Blands are interested. Of course I know nothing about the facts are circumstances upon which Mr. Hull bases his conclusions.
I do know ,however, that the Bland family is pure English.

In 1826,Nicholas Carlisle published a very comprehensive work which he called “A History of the Ancient family of Blands”,and dedicated it to his friend, Michael Bland, Esquire, F.R.S., F.S.A. etc. This book was limited at the time of publication to an edition of one hundres.SO far as I have ever been able to ascertain there are but three in the United States. One is in the congressional library at Washington, another is owned by John Randolph Bland of Baltimore, ant the third I have.

It is regarded as an accepted authority in relation to the Bland pedigree. The author does the family credit to say that it is of very high antiquity and may not hesitate to compare the virtues and renown of it’s several branches with those of the proudest gentry of the kingdom.

The Bland family derives it’s name from the original seat, a place called Bland, in the Parish of Sedburgh, Yorkshire.

In 1337, a branch of the line of Sedburgh settled at Gibard, in the Parish of Orton, Westmoreland.
Edward Bland of Burghfield, a younger branch of the Gibard, family died at the time of Edward IV, and from him descended Rogder Bland, of Orton, who had Adam Bland, of London, Sergant Skinner to Queen Elizabeth, married about 1549 Joan dauhhter of William Atkyna Bland.

Thedorick Bland, the immigrant of Westover, Virginia, is a descendant of said Adam Bland, Prior to coming to America, he was a merchant at St.Luca, Spain, but came to Virginia about the year 1654,and settled as Westover on the James River, in Charles City County. He was one of the Kings council “and of as good repute for circumstances, and understanding as any man of his time therein”.

The family of Bland by the marriage of Samuel Bland, Esquire, to Elizabeth third daughter of Sir Edward Longueville, Bart, was intitled to a fellowship in All Soul’s College, Oxford, by virtue of their consanguinity to Arch Bishop Chichele, the founder .–Stemmata Chicheleana,No354,Page 55.

Carlisle in referring to the family of Blands observes that few families of private gentry had spread more widely are flourished farier than this well allied house. But several stout branches ‘, he proceeds “: have perished like the original stock whilst some trace their blood without hereditary possessions . Of the younger sons, who were slenderly provided for by life annuities and small monied portions ,it may be difficult to connect there descendants , though all must be presumed to bare a distant kindred to the old family tree, who have the honor to have the name”.

It is possible that some of the Blands may have settled in Germany, and that Barbar Bland, may have inter-married with Louis Fisher.

I have been able to trace them in the principality of Wales and Kingdom of Ireland, and have had very extensive correspondence with persons bearing the name in this country.

I confess, however, my inability to establish any connection with the family of Louis Fisher, and Barbara Bland his wife.

The name Barbara Bland is occasionally found in the study of the History of the English Family.

You have perhaps knowledge of Nathaniel Bland, LLD, the second son of the very Reverend James Bland. Dean of Ardfort. Who was an eminent civilian and held the metropitan seal ,and sat as judge in the prerogative Court at Dublin.
Francis Christopher Bland, of Derryquinn Castle, was a near kinsman of Nathanial Bland.

He married in 1797,Lucy third daughter of Arthur Herbert , of Brusterfield, his second wife was Barbara Ash.
It is possible she may have survived her husband and married Louis Fisher, but at this point I observe that Louis Fisher, and Barbara Bland, his wife, are supposed to have come to Culpepper, Virginia, between 1728,and 1832.

Then there was Henry Bland, of the city of London, whose will bore date July 11th,1726,and was proved on the third of January 1729.Whereby he gave to his wife ,Barbara Bland, certain property. This Barbara Bland, may have inter-married with Louis Fisher.
I might continue in this way to mention members of the family who bore the name of Barbara. I think,however,that the Blands of Weston Missouri,who are interested in this estate would porbably make most headway by commencing their investigation at Culpepper Virginia.

If I can be of any service you need not hesitate to call upon me.

I am rather interested in the fact that there is a man by the name of Bland who bears my own initials residing at Weston Missouri. I should like to know more about him, and his family line.

With best wishes, believe me,
Yours very truly,
Robert L. Bland.

St. Joseph, MO 10/21/11

Mrs. Lillie Brown
1619 Savannah Ave.

Dear Sister,

In compliance with your request I enclose you a type-written copy of the letter addressed to Judge W. T. Bland, and a part of our own History as written to me by Mr. Bland,
The History he has deals with the English House of Blands and consequently, would hardly embrace the American descendants ,he has, however, numerous notes, relative to the Blands in this country, and has promised to write me more fully in regard to my special line of decent.
James Bland ,a lineal descendant of the branch of Sedburgh, settled in Stafford County Virginia, and died in 1708, he had a sone John who married Marguret Osborne, John and Marguret Osborn Bland, moved to Kentuckey ,one of their children was Osborn Bland, Osborne Bland, and his wife was captured by the Indians and their baby murdered and it’s blood smeared in the mother face. He was kept bound but his wife was unfettered and he told her to try to escape this she did,l iving for two weeks before she reached the settlement’s on parched corn, and herbs, he was afterwards exchanged and the wife and husband were reunited.
William Bland a brother of Osborne Bland, borned in 1777, in Prince William County, Virginia, moved to Kentuckey in 1784, married Sarah Peake, William Bland had a son Elijah H. Bland, who married Corilla Willet, Eli Bland, a son of Osborne Bland settled in Monroe County, Kentuckey, married Sarah Anderson, and died in New Orleans in 1826,
Mathew M. Bland, a son of Eli Bland, settled in Platt County Missouri, in 1838,married Mary Burnes Turner, of Mason County Kentuckey in1845, born December 5th,1816,and died July the 27th,1879. Robert L. Bland, a son of Matthew M. Bland, born in Platt County Missouri June the 1st,1870.