Josie’s Ledger

I shared a poem written by my 2nd great grandfather, Washington Marion Crawford. While discussing this poem with my cousins, one shared a comment about his having a copy of Josie’s ledger of poetry. This comment reminded me that I have the actual ledger. In remembering this ledger, I realized that I hadn’t done enough to share with future generations.

When the Internet was young, I did transcribe some of these poems and contributed them to the Kansas Memory project. However, I did not submit all of the poems. Evidently, I also had never scanned the ledger. I have since scanned the ledger and created a document with the scanned image on the left and the transcription on the right. This PDF file has been uploaded as a memory to Josie Hammond’s profile on FamilySearch. I’ve also uploaded Josie’s Ledger to Thus, I’m hoping that her ledger will be preserved well into the future.

Lines to a Friend on Her Birthday

As we journey down life’s pathway
Past the milestones, one by one
And we see the shadows lengthen
As we go toward the setting sun.
It is good to feel the handclasp
Of the old friends tried and true;
And to see their smiling faces
And know the smile’s for you.
It is good to get the greeting
From the old friends far away.

And to read the wishful message
“Wish I were with you today”
It is good to pause a moment
As we journey down life’s way;
Just to stop to be a neighbor
And a word of kindness say.
It is good we can look backward
On years in this service spent.
Willingly we did each duty,
On this errands gladly went.
Till we can say with Paul of Jesus
As at last the end we see
I have fought the good fight, Master
I have kept the faith in thee.

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